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What a week! And it’s still Thursday!

Well, I’ve been rather bussy this week (as usual, but a bit more ;)). I’m not goting to tell everything because it is mostly boring stuff, but I’ve done a lot of that boring stuff this week 😛

Anyway, I have to mention the guy who died last week after the football match between the Deportivo de A Coruña and Compostela F.C, he died just in the place where I had crossed the road exactly 12 hours before: I had never been near San Lazaro’s stadium before and I came to go there THAT day… Spooky! Poor guy: he was trying to help a child was was being hit and he received the worst kick. It’s a shame: I love football, but I hate every single kind of violence 🙁

Well, I’ve also done some “not so boring stuff” this week, but I don’t have time now to tell them all, just one: I have begun my German lessons. 😀 Please forgive me, Frauke: I’m going to destroy your beautiful language!! 😛 (And yes, I do think German is beautiful).

And as for my “Internet life” you may have already noticed that I have uploaded a new version for Diletante.Net. I like that picture a lot, but I don’t like the colours, I tried to change them and I think I spoiled the image… Well, I’ll try to mend it whenever I feel like going back to it…
I’ve also made major updates to some pages I got only in Spanish.

Oh, incidentally, thanks a lot to all of you who have sent feedback to me these days. I do really appreciate it, even if they are not only compliments! 😀

Well, I’d better be going: one of those “you-know-what” guys is cooking a Galician pie for me and I don’t want to miss it 🙂
Take care, have fun 😉
See you on the Net!

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  1. *lol* I planned to surprise you with my Spanish course (will start next term) and now you have surprised me! I’m very proud of you! I don’t know how much they have taught you already, but I’m somehow guessing that you won’t say the same about German in a couple of weeks from now. Just recently I noticed how inconsequent and stupid the language must be for learners…but anyway, you are in your element when learning languages, so I guess you will do it with the greatest of ease! I believe in you! 😀

    As for the guy who got killed during the soccer game…it’s a shame. And I
    agree, but why is it so awkward to stand on a place of which you know someone has died in…it’s really strange.

    Ah, I’m glad to hear something from you! 🙂 Take care, dear!

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