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I’ve had such a nice day with Q. (the guy who is studying in Norway this year)… 😎 We’ve been to Portugal (we live near the border, so it wasn’t that far) with B., a girl with whom he got very fond of when we were in Malta and who gave me as a present a hanging she was wearing whose colour I fancied a lot… I only commented I loved the colour, and she gaved it to me, I got really thrilled 😯
We visited Braga (that’s funny, because in Spanish, “braga” means “pantys”, and we are all the time joking about that), o Bom Jesus (when Q. managed to accidentally hook the car with a chain :lol:) and Viana do Castelo. We even had time to get lost for about 10 minutes in a small town called Lanheses :geeked:
On our way back to Pontevedra, we took the motorway, B. got asleep and Q. and I spent about 20 minutes making all kind of jokes: imitating diferent Spanish accents, imitating fishes, singing, making word games, riddles… What a pair of clowns…

Oh, übrigens, the day before yesterday we all went to Santiago (the town where I study and live when I am not on holidays) to show it to B. There we meet J.K (another “friend” of mine :P)… Yeah, really interesting…

Besides, I met yesterday that friend of mine who is studying in Manchester: she’s got a boyfriend here, but had something with a Japanese guy in England. How people manage to have such an active “sentimental” (or whatever you call it) life? Ahem! Mine is pretty “active” too, but my neurons never allow me to show it to the whole world (well, I guess I should say here: “thank heavens!” :dead:)

Whatever, I am tired now, but happy… Q. leaves on Saturday to Norway again 😐 but oh, well, I know for sure we’ll be friends forever…

Menos mal que nos queda Portugal 😎

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  1. Yes, I guess it’s something like that… But I supose you can imagine that if you ever come to Portugal, you will see that Portugal is quite different from The Netherlands… Yeah, you will come to see it one day 😉
    And, mmm… Yes, it’s been fun, fun :dance: 😉

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