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I’m psychollogically tired, and being aware that I don’t have the right to be in such a state tires me even more :vexed:…

Whatever… I’ll tell you a couple of *fun* anecdotes that happened today.

1st one: I don’t know if you already know that I’ve got amaxofobia (hate for driving cars). Nobody believes I’m serious when I say it because I’ve got my driving licence since 1998; they take it as a excentricity of mine because they think I love the idea of having a choffeur always ready for me, but the truth is that I do feel I’ve got a problem with that… Anyway, this morning, as soon as I got to Pontevedra by train as every week-end, my mother decided to go to the supermarket; the parking was crowded but she said she just wanted to buy “a couple of things” and left us (the car and me) stuck in the MIDDLE of the parking area… She used to do that when my sister and I were little too, and I’ve always HATED IT :neutral:.

She left for the shopping area and not much later one person needed me to move the car in order to move his… So… I had to move it… I did it well -I know a lot of extra-idiots who can do it, and I am not particularly impaired-, but I began to sweat and I could feel my heartbeating in my head… I prayed for the owners of the car I was now in front of to not come while I was there :pray: but… There they were in less than 3 minutes, so I had to move my car again and do quite a complicated manoeuvre to dodge a couple of cars that were even worse parked than me… I did all that breathing like mad :sick:… So as soon as I spotted the first *legal* parking place I *run* to to get the car there to avoid further worries; I must say I managed to park it properly in quite a short time, considering the fact that I was having one of the worst tachycardias of my life and that I felt like crying like a child (yeah, in the scandalous way :???:)… And just when I had just finished parking, my mother came up… And for a couple
of seconds my assasin instinct was ready for me to use, but I just said to her: “this place was free and I managed to put the car in here” (well, you know, in Spanish :tongue:). She said “fine” and didn’t even noticed I was with actual tears in my eyes.

I’ve got a problem with that, but I guess I’d better not think too much it as long as I have *my choffeurs* always ready for me :roll:. Nobody seems to really care, not even notice, so… But I’m really sorry for the whole thing…

2nd anecdote. After all that we got home, and, as my mother had already told me, I saw that the downstairs section of my house (our country house in Tenorio) is all messed up. My parents got bored and decided to reorganise the rooms, so everything is upside down. In the afternoon I needed my “castañetas” (“castañuelas” in Spanish, “castanets” in French & English) for my weekly Galician dance rehearsal and I couldn’t find them :tongue:… I couldn’t even find the piano in the room formally known as “piano room”!! :uh: Thank heavens the computer room is upstairs… :mrgreen:

And here I am: physically tired because of the the only thing that psychollogically relieves me a bit (dancing) and worrying a lot about things that I shouldn’t worry so much about (and it’s not only the amaxophobia thing)…

Oh, well, I’ve made quite a lot of updates last week because I didn’t sleep much, so I decided to take and do something interesting and relaxing at the same time, and that includes a bit of coding (I really like it!) :P As soon as I have the time to upload them, I’ll tell you.
Oh! I also have to tell you about the Warsaw thing!
Well, later =)

Take care and have fun you beloved ones ;) (you all know who you are =)).