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I’ve been feeling really bad these days :(. I will do what some of you suggested to me: just say it… So there, I’ve spent a horrible week ALONE in our flat in Santiago. I like being on my own, but this time I was ALONE =(.

Remember the “we are still friends” thing of two posts ago? Well, when I was writing that I knew it wouldn’t be so easy, but I am so fed up with being always right when I think the worst of any thing… Besides, there have been other issues that affected me quite a lot, I might tell you about them later. I didn’t even could go to the library this week as I had planned: each time that I started to walk towards there I had to come back home because I felt like crying, but in the end I couldn’t cry either :neutral:, it’s so annoying… Then I cried in the middle of the process of cooking, or trying to finish any chapter of my thesis :cry:. And I couldn’t do anything but sitting there in front of the TV and bothering Q. in Norway telling him some of my stupid feelings by sms, which is pretty difficult thing to do by the way :smh:.

At least managed to give the private lessons as usual: B. the 15 year-old boy did it pretty good, in spite of his sort of depression in the middle of the year. And S. is a bit low these days, but she told me that I cheer her up each time she comes to study with me. How ironic :uh:.

Well, I’m much better now because I am browsing the Net (someone might find the fact that that is one of the few things that can make me glad now a bit sad, but it is true, and it’s something at least) and… Because it’s The Prisoner of Azkaban premií¨re in Spain today!!! About time too! I won’t spend a second more than necessary here in Santiago, I will go to Pontevedra as soon as I can this afternoon and I’ll watch it in Pontevedra, with my sister, who got tickets for everyone (it’s always me the one who does that, but I was so :dead: this week). This week has been dreadful for me, so even though the film is bad (I’ve enjoyed the other two, though I didn’t find them good =)), I’m sure I will enjoy it a lot, more than anyone. I love the actors, the director, the setting, the story… I will only miss not seeing it with the friends I love most, but there’s my sister there, which is much more than nothing ;).

Mmmm, curious, now that I come to think of it I realise that the people who were annoying me most lately are not Harry
I should have figured it out earlier.
And I’d better stop here. I’m getting over this week anger, sadness and/or whatever those feelings were and I don’t want to recall them again.

I wish you the very best, whether you enjoy Harry Potter series or not (but please, before judging them, read at least a couple of those books ;)).
Ciao, ciao.