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ARGHHH!! It’s so hot these days in Galicia and Spain in general and I’ve got such a terrible cold 🙁 I seldom get infected by any virus, but I guess I am human too :smh:.
I’m feeling so little glamourous…
Well, I’m not that bad, but it is really annoying, and I feel I need more time than usual to think about anything 😛 I’ve been this way since Sunday, I even played my role on Tuesday with a sore throat, but now that I am a bit worse, I am getting a bit worried; but I guess that if I had the strenght to come to the Faculty, do some job and drop you some lines, it must not be so worrying :geeked:. It’s rather annoying anyway :violin:.

And this afternoon I have to go to watch the play of another of the University theatre groups, because the platonic love of that recent great friend that is leaving to Kansas in two months is acting there, and this is one of her last chances to try to talk to him and get his e-mail address and so on 🙂

I’m sneezing all the time and I am filling with germs the screen in front of me 😕 I hope this thing is not too contagious, and I hope won’t spoil the play this evening making strange noises :dead:.
I hate being ill and I hope you are much better than me in the health field, unless you are one of that people who like to be in bed receiving a lot of affection 😉
See you.

8 Comments on BL**DY COLD

  1. Hey Callítoe… why are you all the time saying “Im ill, but its not that bad… I’m sad, but there is no reason for…” Why aren’t you able to say “Yes! I’m ill. Pity me!” “Yes I’m sad. Console me!” You are a human being… you have the right to do that haha :dance:

  2. Good question…
    I reckon it’s because I know that human being can get over much worse stuff than that, and I don’t like when people complain and feel sorry for themselves and… If I say “pity me”, “console me” and noone comes to console me, I would feel even worse :uh:.
    I know: I’m so pathetic sometimes :vexed:.
    Anyway, thanks for being there =)

  3. Wah! I hate having sniffles during summer. (which translates into a brief three-month-period in which Finland has no snow…)
    And if I get a cold now, I’m blaming you 😉 It’s your cold transfered over phone lines into me. Stop sneezing at the screen! :tongue:

  4. Es el típico resfriado cojonero que aparece cuando no debe. Normal, frío/calor/frío/calor/calor abrasador y claro, el organismo se resiente. Ve al médico, te receta una droga maravillosa y en pocos días como nueva 😉

    Yo tengo una alergia bestial. Es increíble, nunca había tenido alergia a nada y de pronto, a mis 22 años ¡zas! Alergia al olivo.
    El caso es que llevo tres meses moqueando, estornudando y con los ojos llorosos. Muy poco sexy también. Un asco.

    Pues eso, cuídate mucho 🙂

  5. Hey Patán… you have to go to a “Chinesiologe” (Leo.org didn’t know the word in English)… He orders your aura and your alergia will be away. I didn’t belive it, but it’s true… la chinesiología es la medica del futuro 🙂

  6. Hi Calítoe! First of all, I wish you a quick recovery! I hate having a cold (but then who doesn’t? ;))
    Secondly, thank you very much for your offer to host me! Thing is, I’m really taking my time to put together layouts and codes for the domain I have in mind, so there is nothing to host at the moment. *g* :violin: Thanks anyway!

    Get well soon!

  7. Hola Thilo:
    Sí, hay gente que mediante el áura de una persona determina sus dolencias físicas y psicológicas.
    No sé si será verdad, pero por probar… 😉

    Un saludo 🙂

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