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Czesc everyone from Poland!

(Thanks Patán & Frauke for your comments, I’ve answered them =))

First of all, I must warn you that my access to the Internet might be less frequent than before, because when I am in the center of town -where the cybercafés are- I must work, and when I am at home, the conection is (ahem) a bit crappy…
But J., the girl I’m leaving with is having it fixed and in exchange for letting
me use her conection, I will upate her computer installing, for example, Windows 98 (she has Windows 95) and Internet Explorer 6 (she has version 4 xp), and some other programs such an ANTIVIRUS.
Anyway, I’m afraid that won’t be until October, so if you are longing for updates I might dissappoint you :tongue:.

So, I’m already in Lódz 🙂 and “oficially” a teacher of Spanish for foreigners since yesterday.

The girl I’m living with is one of my “bosses” but we’ve known each other since 1999 and we get on with well so I’m fine with her.
The other people at the academy is nice too, so I’m pretty happy with everything. I even gave my first lessons: it was to a very friendly group of intermediate level and everything went well.

The truth is that I was rather tired due to the journey from Madrid by plain -in which there was a drunk person, by the way :P- and then from Warsaw to Lódz by car. But I was so excited that I didn’t mind being so tired at all.

The lessons I will give during September are to prepare special Spanish examinations. The regular lessons begin in October, but I don’t know how much groups and pupils I will have yet.
But we are already preparing a sort of “open house” thing to be held the 12th of October, which is the Spanish National Day (the day in which Christopher Columbus “discovered” America), so it will be the “Spanish Day at Akcent Academy” :geeked:.

You are all invited, by the way ;). If you want to know a bit more about the academy I’m working at, you just have to take a look at their website (everything’s in Polish, though :P).

Oh, and I’ve already tried to keep a social life in Polish :geeked:. For an Spaniard, certain common sounds are really difficult to pronounce, but I already understand a lot of things thanks to the Russian lessons I took up several years ago (although Polish people HATE to have anything to do with Russians) and my other stayings in Poland. Oh, and thanks to what J.’s mother mother called my “linguistic intelligence” (in Polish).

I’m feeling pretty well here so far. But of course, I miss a lot of people and certain dog…
Anyway, there are no distances nowadays. Mobile phones and the Internet must be in the Hall of Fame of inventions.
Gotta go, I must take care of Figa, J.’s family dog :). She (Figa) likes me :D. And I also have to prepare tomorrow’s lesson 8)
Do zobaczenia! (See you!)

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  1. Hellloooooo,
    I’m sooo sorry for not writing so long… but school is and vida is so stressy. En plus je no tengo ganas por la red these days. Donc. Tout va bien. And I’m so happy that you are in Poland!!! Your dream came true and maybe (don’t no wer Knocks or what it’s called, is situated) we could meet each other? you have to think about it… but i think baden-württemberg is a bit too far away of Poland… Tu see that you are doing good makes me happy and ich bin gespannt on your following experiences!!! Hasta luego. Thilo

  2. Meeting you serait genial! =) En février j’ai un sort de vacances, alors j’éssayerai de prendre un avion hacia Baden-Würtemberg… I’m looking forward to visiting Germany comme il faut, meeting you, and being able to communicate even though it’s not clear the langue qu’on parle :dance:. Ciao!

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