EN: Warning: This post is over two years old, so it's possible that the views, opinions, links or instructions reflected on it do not correspond with the way I think now or the way things currently work. I have evolved (and so have the World and the Internet), so it might be advisable to just take this entry for a glimpse into the (my) past. 🙂

ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. 🙂

I’ve been downloading like mad texts in Latin, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, French and Esperanto (in that order) from Project Gütemberg‘s website.
There are lots of classics and some really curious and interesting things.

Just one example: Conversations d’une petite fille avec sa poupée suivies de l’histoire de la poupée 😀

I remember I checked the English section in 1999 or so and I still have in my PC some texts I used to learn my role in some Shakespeare plays in which I performed. I might go back to that English section to take a look at the new stuff, but as you know, I’m a bit fed up with English and I am pretty tired tonight. I know, I’m being harsh, but when I’m fed up and tired it’s logical I am harsh :dead:.

I’m sure I will not read most of them in my PC screen (I’m not even sure if I will *ever* read a whole sentence from the Polish ones :P), but I find them useful in case I want to use some excerpt for any thing.

Go and pick some texts yourselves! (And leave a donation if you can :)).



  1. Funny, I joined the project just two weeks ago, but all the demanded German texts are of highly academical nature (meaning natural sciences – subjects I assume cannot be understood without at least one degree ;)). Btw, there’s a typo in the link, it should be: http://www.gutenberg.org

    Funny also, I started learning Esperanto out of boredom in my semester break, but I only made it to leciono du so far. 😀
    I dream of blogging in Esperanto one day… hrrm yeah.

    Btw, I’m glad being one of your “sponsors” at netbux.org – I’ll send you to Australia in no time! 😉

    Take care! 🙂

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