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I’ve just revamped the fanlisting devoted to the album Like a Prayer, by Madonna. It really needed major revamp and I managed to do it: now it is cross-browser compatible and have a couple of new extra thingies.
Take a look at if if you have the time :smile:.

Thanks Helen and Frauke for your comments on the previous entry.

Incidentally, there was a fake bom threat yesterday in Warswaw, but yup, life goes on… At least ours, right? :uh:.

I’m still home alone, with some classes (I had one at 7:30 this morning :tongue:) and longing for the 8th of August to come. Anyway, I cheer up myself just by making me realise that my life will have much more fun from this Sunday onwards:

1. Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince :dance: (I hope I will be able to buy it here soon).
2. Trip to Vilnius from the 21st to the 24th. [EDIT 14th of July]It’s screwed up: not enough people signed up for the trip, so it’s cancelled; and I am really pissed off, by the way =(:sad::mad2::neutral:[/EDIT]
3. My parents here from the 24th to the 3rd of August. :smh:
4. J. comes the 30th of July.
(4 bis. Shall I include the bureacracy with which I have to deal the first week of August among the “fun” stuff? :dead:)
5. The 7th I part to Spain… Well, to Lisbon, more precisely :geeked:.
6. The 8th, at 00:00 (more less)… Pablo 🙂 :luv: :cool:.

Hope you’ll have fun too. 😉 [EDIT 14th of July]How bl**dy sarcastic it is this sentence now… :vexed:[/EDIT]

4 Comments on LIKE A PRAYER [Edited the 14th of July]

  1. Had a lecture at 8:00 myself. :dance: Great stuff. Linguistics. If it wasn’t for the funny teacher, I would have skipped that class several times.

    I’m going to write my exam in Spanish history this afternoon after my Spanish language course and I’m so going to fuck up, because he said he would ask questions to which we should answer solely with names and dates – my big strength!! :doh: I’m just not that history kind of person – have no understanding whatsoever.

    Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that after the exam today there will only be some “fun” tests (English and linguistics) left and I will be able to finally answer you. I have so much to write to you… :violin:

    Have a good time! :luv:

  2. I’m sorry to hear your trip got cancelled. Must be a mayor disappointment to you. It’s so annoying when you plan something like that and then people lose interest and you are the one to suffer, if you will.

    I’m at my parent’s right now, but just because my cousin is going to celebrate his wedding on Sunday. Will be busy studying for next week. But next week is the last one for this semester. And THEN…:geeked:


  3. Well, I’m much better now. It is true that I get dissapointed rather easy, but is is also true that the most silly thing can make me feel glad again, as you cans see from my last post ;).

    Weddings are fun :geeked:, hope you enjoy it. And you definitely deserve the best holidays you can have, so best wishes for your last week of the semester :grin:.

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