The main purpose of all my web pages is to have fun and train myself on web building. I also try to interact with my visitors and other webmasters as much as I can to learn and share things with everyone.

    Before going further I must inform you that if you know me from the ‘Real World’ (is not the Internet the real world?), you can find here a lot of evidences to confirm your most peregrinate theories about myself, or rather to spoil all that theories as well; both things are extremely dangerous for your mental health, so don’t go saying I’m not warning you ;)

I do all this in my curious visitors honour and, why not saying it, to show off a little bit, thought that’s something I try to avoid with all my strength. ;)
I also try to interact with other websurfers through my sites and learn from them at the same time I show them what I know.

    In case no one had noticed this yet, I have to say that I have no intention of earning a life with my personal sites. I wouldn’t mind, really, but I like considering it one of my favourite hobbies. Money usually spoils everything. Anyway, I do accept donations :geeked:

I don’t have the intention of making “mine” ideas from others either, so I always try to mention all my sources when I know for sure which they were, but you shouldn’t get too angry if you find out that I am using stuff from others. That was not my intention, it was just that I used ideas that resulted from what I’ve seen, heard and experienced since I was born, but if you feel ofended because you think I put something here that belonged to you, please, before flaming me, just warn me and I try to solve everything as soon as possible.

    However, the rest of the desings and contents are copyrighted by me, Calítoe. You are free to take those products of my poor mind and use them as you like, but please, don’t go claiming my very own crap -as you see it in my pages- to be yours, that just wouldn’t be wise ;) If you have any doubts about this, ask me and I’m pretty sure I will ‘allow’ you to use my stuff your way…

Oh, incidentally: English is not my first language, not my second either, so if you find it difficult to understand me, deal with it and/or bare with me :)

Don’t hesitate in sending me your comments about all this if you wish; and if you want to collaborate with me, I will be delighted to hear from you.