(I hate that song…). But yes, nobody is perfect, I broke my promise: I applied for 2! fanlistings -in the “places” category in case you were interested :D.
I always keep my promises, but this one was like a joke… Oh, come on! Was anyone really taking it seriously? 😉

So, 2 fanlistings and 1 hatelisting upcoming 😛


Woo! I can keep my promise and my adiction at the same time! 😉
Take a look at this.
Ahem! I’m sooo childish sometimes :P. But I applied for a noble cause!! 🙂

More paranoia coming soon 😉

I swear!

Ok, yes, I know, I know I’m always saying I won’t do it again, but this time is the last one, I SWEAR… 😛

Well, I’ve open my last fanlisting (ahem! so far…): it’s devoted to the Six Feet Under (A dos metros bajo tierra in Spain) character Federico Díaz.
(¡Évos tan riquiño!). 😛
Well… Whatever. The url is http://federico.diletante.net and you may enjoy the layout if you are morbid enough 😉

Incidentally, it’s managed with the bilingual version (English/Spanish) of the script PHPfanBase2 (originally written by Sasha) that I made. This bilingual version is available for public usage, so you can go to (: Hablando en cristiano, deal with the Spanish there 😉 and download the zip file for free :D. Seguir leyendo


I have just come from a meeting with one of Calítoe’s fans… I mean, it’s been in “earthly life” where we have met. HE seems to be a great fan of my .:.Calito(h)eces.:. (an indescriptible sort of blog I’ve got in Spanish) and since he is living right now in my area and was a bit bored… He asked me to have a coffee, which is what we ask here when you want to go out for a while.

Well, it’s obvious that I was a bit bored too 😉 If it had been yesterday I would say “no, thanks”, because my best (male) friend came to visit me at the country house and since he is going to study in Norway for a whole year, we try to see each other as much as we can these last days before his departure. In the afternoon some friends of my sister’s boyfriend came with us to the river, and in the evening I had that accordion rehearsal, but today was such a boring day that I wouldn’t mind accepting his invitation, and I even didn’t mind him to phone me about three times before meeting me 😀 Seguir leyendo

“Webjob” and “Folkjob”

Sorry if someone gets dissapointed about this, but I am working mainly in my “non-English” sites, that is Jacques Gamblin, le succès de la discrétion and (: Hablando en cristiano, but I will resume my attention on the other ones as soon as I have finished retouching those I have mentioned.

And as for “earthly life” just mentioning that the Galician Folk group my cousin Bárbara, my sister and I used to be a member of, has hired our services for 4 performances, and that means a lot of hard work (yes, rehersals can be a real pain, as some of you might be aware), but some extra money too 😉 Seguir leyendo

MY TRIP (chapter 2 of 2)

Well, here goes the rest of my “summer adventures” (so far ;)).

My godmother had told me that if it was not possible going to Amsterdam, we would make another kind of trip. I think we both suspected that this would happen, since that friend of hers is a bit absent-minded 😛

I guessed we would visit a convent of nuns in Toro (which is a town nearer to my home place than to Madrid, by the way), because my godmother goes there each months to teach them music notions to play their gorgeous XVIIth century organ. I fancied the idea because I like that kind of nuns (as you might know, there are several “kinds” of nuns, as everything in this world ;)) even though I am a faithfully believer in atheism 😀 (if you read my post of those days you may read something about me being a nun if they were not religious :P). Seguir leyendo

My trip (chapter 1)

So, in order to satisfy some visitor’s curiosity I will relate what I’ve been up to between the 24th of July and the 5th of August 😉

First of all I must say that this is my first summer in a long time (and probably the last one :P) without nothing really important to do, and in theory my plans for the summer were the following: going first to Amsterdam with my godmother and a friend of hers and, after that, travelling by Interrail around the UK and Ireland with a so-called mate of mine 😛 We were supposed to be around the UK & Ireland between the 7th and the 19th of August, and I had been preparting everything since May. Seguir leyendo


Funny, I was visitor number 100 of collectanea.org (from the computer of my faculty: the one I usually use doesn’t count for the stats thingy), Ajda was visitor number 500 and Frauke has been number 666 😉 I mean, I know them all (more or less :P)

I’m having a nice summer in spite of the heat. Here (in Galicia) hot is easier to deal with because of the deep vegetation, the beaches, the rivers (I love rivers where you can swim :D) and so on.

And yes, I’m working in a lot of web things (I like when I am extremely bussy just because I want to :D), but things are going slowly (hey! I have barely survived to my Ph.D, I need a break! :P), so if you feel like complaining because you haven’t seen new stuff round here for ages, first go check every single site I run besides the sites of my beloved hostees and then we’ll talk 😉 Seguir leyendo

I’m back :D

My parents and godmother (the one who I was travelling with) will get mad at me: the first thing I am doing after arriving home and cheering my dog is “coming here” ;D

I had lots of fun out there, but this summer is one of the hottest ones in Spain since ages ago and I’m glad of having returned home, in the North West, next to the Atlantic Ocean where it’s a bit easier to breath than in other places right now.

Well, sorry if my English sounds funnier than usual, but I’m pretty excited today and I’m writing just everything that comes into my mind 😛 I’ve seen that although the summer is quite a “visitors killer” in the Internet life, the webmasters out there have been pretty bussy these last days 🙂 Seguir leyendo


Hi there,

I am somewhere between France and Spain running away from the hot weather that collapses the rest of Spain, even the “wet” Spain is almost dry right now 😛

I guess I’ll be back to the Internet life 😉 by the 6th of August, so if you have joined any of my fanlistings, be a little more patient before reaplying, thanks 😀

Take care, have fun.
Greetings from the Pyrenees 😀


I’m going to I don’t know exactly where for about 2 weeks. 😉
My auntie -who is also my godmother… Who cares?- asked me to go to Madrid, where she lives, because she wanted to go on a trip with me. She’s already taken me to Poland and Lisboa, but I suppose this time will be a monastery in the middle of Castille where she is going to teach music to the nuns there. I know she does that every year, so I guess that’s what we are going to do. Anyway, I would really like to visit that place. I often say that I would become a nun if they were not religious (in case you don’t know yet, I’m a convinced atheist and happy with that :D), because I like team working and living in a big place surrounded by art and/or nature (well, that’s more or less how I actually live, but we are only 4 at home and we don’t usually do what we call ‘team work’:p). Seguir leyendo


This morning I had about 20 applications in my mailbox to join the fanlistings I run (everybody chooses Sundays to join! ;)) and I have just got through all of them. 😀 Nobody has been at home for three hours and I was feeling a bit lonely, but having just done all that makes me fell really well. It may sound really stupid, but that’s the way it is.
I manage all my fanlistings with PHP scripts, but I answer almost all of the applications personally. I usually include comments on their sites too… All that can be a little time consuming and -why not saying it?- “a pain”, but I feel so great after doing it 😀
Come on, will you (yes, YOU, my dear reader ;)) dare to say that you wouldn’t love receiving some feedback after taking the effort of uploading a code and filling application forms? But not that asseptic response some scripts send to you: I mean “true” answers. Isn’t receiving visitors and knowing from them the main reason we all have to join cliques, fanlistings and so on?
Well, I have the time (and if not, I manage to find it) to send some words to everyone. Plus, some members end up by replying my message and thanks to that system I met some really interesting people…
In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m writing all this just to say that asking all the time for “love me, love me! comments please, comments please! sign my gbook! give me an award!” it’s too easy. The difficult stuff usually gives to the best results: to get a gram of love you have to give tons of love first… Visit sites, show them love, that’s it. I know this is common sense, but I’ve seen round there a lot of so-called webmasters & webmisress that sit there in front of their webcams expecting everyone to suck up to them… Seguir leyendo


Well, I’m planning to upgrade “our” account.
If you want to collaborate by donating a small amount of money (3 euros, 3 dollars it’s ok), it would be great, mainly to convince my parents that my “webhobby” 😛 is not such a “waste”…
But it’s not really necessary, if you don’t want, can’t or whatever it’s ok too 😀
Psst! You can also donate if you like any of my other websites and want to encourage me to keep the illusion, but -once again- money is not my moto (thanks heavens! ;)) so… As you wish 😀 Seguir leyendo


I don’t understand how so many people in the World can believe that Spain, with such a big territory, can have only one climate.
It’s not horribly hot and sunny everywhere all the time; for example, the Autonomous Community of Galicia is under a monzonic rain right now 😛


I went with my family yesterday to a dinner in which there was a man I hadn’t seen for ages and he kept ALL THE TIME saying how fat I had grown, it really annoyed me…

Bah, whatever. I’ve uploaded ALL my SITES, I even added one subdomain for “my” character in a gymnastics roleplay game I’m in 😛
I still have a lot of extra stuff to add to my fanlistings, but if I finish everything in one day I wouldn’t have entertainment for the rest of the year! I would have to apply for more fanlistings 😉 Seguir leyendo