I’m updating every single site I run (hurray! No more fanlistings on the upcoming list!). So, hopefully, I will have everything decent (more or less ;)) by Sunday.

I have still a bunch of e-mails to answer, but I am very aware of that; I don’t forget you, it’s just that I haven’t had the time yet, I’ll get back to you asap 😉

By the way, if anyone is interested, I went swimming to the river this afternoon with my dog, but he only knows how to keep floating, he cannot actually swim, so I ended up by having to go rescue him 😛 Seguir leyendo


Hi, I just wanted to say that I have just had a great, wonderful day with my 2 of my cousins from Madrid: Carlos & Fernando. They came as pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela (the place where I’m studying and living during the school year). It’s been great being with them after so much time, and their friends are so funny… 😀 Boys in Galicia are not so easy going, with girls I mean; I’ve had a really nice time, but they had to leave so early… I hope to see them again soon…
Sorry, I just had to mention it 😛 Seguir leyendo


About time too, eh? 😉 I am on my first day of holidays (yey!) and I managed to upload a new layout for collectanea.org whose main image has been made by the nice, glorious, etc Ajda! 😀
I’ve edited it a bit, so maybe this isn’t what you had in mind when you made it… Sorry, if that’s the case! I can change it if you want to!
And yes, I know there are things that need to be finished, but oh, well… I’m rather tired today, more ramblings tomorrow 🙂
Remember that if you are a hostee at collectanea.org, you can post here whenever you want… If you are not a hostee, you will always have the comments 😀 Seguir leyendo

Still alive

Hi everyone,
I see this a little bit dead… Maybe that’s because everybody is reading The Order of the Phoenix these days? 😉
I won’t be on holidays until next Wednesday, but I’ve already made a number of updates and I hope everything will be online by next week-end.
I’m also planning to use this blog as my personal blog in English, but still allowing other hostees at collectanea.org to post their messages if they want to. I’ll see.
Well, this is all so far.
More coming soon! Seguir leyendo


Well, as you see, even our little blog has got over the hacking thing 😀
And there is a new hostee here at collectanea.org: Welcome Sabrina! 😉
Hosting is closed by now, unless someone needs a little bit of space to host a small fanlisting or something of the sort.

Enjoy yourselves as much as the exams allow you to enjoy 😛


Great! My horrible season of dull ‘earthly life’ duties is over (for a week only, but that’s better than nothing :P) and I made lots of updates. I only have 2 fanlistings left to open and all members lists on the other sites have been updated (just check Diletante.Net). Now I need to work a little bit more on the ‘extra’ sections of each one and on the Jacques Gamblin site, the Astronomy site and my own personal site, which are a bit abandoned.

Oh, by the way, Shae’s and Teja’s url have been added to the index page at Collectanea.Org (about time, I know ;)) Seguir leyendo

Blergh! ;p

I’m really having a tough time these days: my Ph. D courses are killing me and, besides, I have to do a lot of extra work giving lessons… And the premií¨re of The English Theatre Group is next week!!!

I hope I will survive to all this, but in the meanwhile I can only apologize for the lack of updates and interaction so… Bear with me 😛

I hope you are all doing ok.
See you!


Hey everyone, I’m Calítoe’s newest hostee 🙂 She isn’t hosting my personal
site, she’s hosting my clique 🙂 In case you want to see my personal site: teja.sapphire-rose.com and if you want to see the new clique, “I Love”, this’d be the url: 🙂love.collectanea.org🙂 Go join!

I know this sounds more like an advertising blog, but I have no idea what to write about…. But I blabber alot in my “real blog”.

I’ll see you guys later I guess Seguir leyendo

From Kathleen

Yes, I registered again a while ago and here I am posting again.
Lately life has been hectic. School is taking tons of my time since I’m in my last year of secondary school. Which means we also have a lot assignments and soon the exams will start again. In the mean while I’m trying to work on collectantea.org but I think I won’t go on with the major project thing. The subsites that are already there like the forum just aren’t succesfull even after all the advertisement I’ve made. *sigh* I might just make it a message board domain. I don’t know yet. I have to think it over. I’ve put a hiatus page online for the time being. And my dutch page is almost ready now, well, it’s ready offline. I should put it online one of these days. 😛 Seguir leyendo


Man I haven’t blogged anywhere for a while. Recently our guest from Canada has been fixing up our computer so I haven’t been on at all recently. I miss my website making =( but good news is I have my own computer now in my room and I can make my website there and bring it downstairs and upload onto the internet! YAAY! 🙂
My host has been great about my long Hiatus (cheers calitoe!) I hope that at least when my exams and work experience are all over I can get back to regular updates etc. School sucks 🙁
I will see you all later!
Bye bye!!! Seguir leyendo


Hi, everybody seems to be on hiatus in spite of the holidays.
Don’t worry I understand it, but if you have any problems or whatever, don’t hesitate in asking me. I mean, problems with site stuff and so on, but if you want to ask me about ‘other’ kind of problems, I might help you too 😉 (I’m 24, remember? :p).

Anyway, I hope not to be the only one here to post her ramblings 😀

(More) Fanlistings

So, I’ve already finished the Carl Sagan FL (written without reviewing it, I guess the English version is full of errors but, oh well… I’ll go back to it later), and the Tintin FL. By the way, Kathleen, if you can translate this into French, I could use the same text for the others FL I need a translation for. I am not that bad at French, I just need like a template ;). Of course, I’ll put your link wherever I use that text 😀

The funny thing is that I have also been approved to run ANOTHER FL: the Arabella Figg fanlisting(the misterious character of the HP series); I thought that loads of people would have applied for it. Of course I will take care of every one of the FL that have been approved to me, but I didn’t know I had applied for so many FLs (I shouldn’t stay in the Internet late at night :p). If I continue like this, I think I should not take some of the fanlistings I applied recently for if they are finally approved to be run by me. I remember that I even applied for the ‘Socialism & Communism FL’… But I won’t refuse to run that one 😉 (and no, I am not a stalinist of those who spoiled the Soviet Union :p).
Well, this is all for now. I’d better go to bed or I’ll enter in a sort of drunken state and I know that I am capable of applying for more fanlistings under that state 😀 Seguir leyendo