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The Show Must Go On

Hey! I have just come from voting (well, I have just come from having lunch and taking a shower, but oh well :P). We have had a performance this morning at the Festa do Caldo, in Mourente: between Pontevedra and Tenorio. Everything went ok, but it seems that there were not as many people as […]


My first class at a public school

My fingers are numbed, like the other day: I have just come from cutting wood again, this time with the chain saw: I grab the log and my father cuts it. We do it every year, and my father usually treats me like if I were idiot or something. I don’t like arguing for the […]



Tomorrow I will start the practice period of the pedagogical course I told you about It will be in my birthtown because when I was asked to choose a place, I didn’t know what I was going to be doing by March, so… Now it’s a pain because my German lessons are in Santiago, and […]



Hi there I won’t start my courses and things until October-November, but I came to Santiago to “relax” a bit Anyway, I’m looking forward to going back to Tenorio again because we will be having celebrations next week and 3 performances! (I think I am a bit of a masochist, since I often come back […]



Hi everyone. Sorry if my last post has frightened someone, I guess everybody passes through that deppressed state from time to time, and a blog is a good way of spiting some words to relieve oneself, but I am aware that those things may turn out to be rather annoying to a reader who is […]



I have just come from a meeting with one of Calítoe’s fans… I mean, it’s been in “earthly life” where we have met. HE seems to be a great fan of my .:.Calito(h)eces.:. (an indescriptible sort of blog I’ve got in Spanish) and since he is living right now in my area and was a […]