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I’ll be out and a preview of version “X”

I’m off to Salamanca, leaving in a few hours, so I might not be able to answer any feedback during the week-end. Sorry!

In the meanwhile you can take a look at “the spirit” of the 10th version (version X ;)) of Callitoes Collectanea. I usually offer a wallpaper based on each version layout (yeah, I know some are pure crap, but oh well :geeked:), so here it is a preview.

Oh, I’d better be going.
Take care, have fun…
À bientôt!

Some are leaving, others are comming back…

Hi there!
Shae has finished her site about the Russian Language; she’s done a great job there and it’s worthwhile taking a look at it. Consider joining if you like the topic! :!:

On the other hand, I got very sad and surprised when I saw a message in Ajda’s site stating that she had closed “Miss Marple” for good 8-O But, fortunately, she said that she is not really leaving us :geeked: I know she was visited by quite a lot of people, so a lot of us we’ll be glad when she comes back 8-) Seguir leyendo


Woo! I can keep my promise and my adiction at the same time! ;)
Take a look at this.
Ahem! I’m sooo childish sometimes :P. But I applied for a noble cause!! :)

More paranoia coming soon ;)