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The Hatelistings dot com

The Hatelistings.Com is closing :(. In my opinion it’s a shame that has never given credit to TH.Com when everybody knows that they were the ones who put the idea into practice. TH.Com didn’t allow “personal hate”: it was like a “light” version of hatelistings; anyway I find it right that has a […]


Happy New Year

I won’t have time to post a long entry about the new year here tomorrow, but I’m sure most of you won’t be around to read it either Just in case, I take this opportunity to write my best wishes here now. I wish the very very best in 2004 to all the visitors I […]


Back from London

Hi there! I’m just back from London It was plenty of Spaniards everywhere!! The whole thing has been nice. Short, but nice. But I miss the “deep” England, though; next time I’ll go elsewhere in England. I might visit Helen, if she allows me to, of course! Oh, incidentally, Helen has got a new layout […]



7, 8, 9 & 10 are definetly the best days of September: they’ve always been, all my life. Last year I spent them in Malta where I had a great time with Q. and his mates, but every other year I have enjoyed the celebrations in Tenorio a lot. This year has been great too, […]



Hi everyone. Sorry if my last post has frightened someone, I guess everybody passes through that deppressed state from time to time, and a blog is a good way of spiting some words to relieve oneself, but I am aware that those things may turn out to be rather annoying to a reader who is […]



Woo! I can keep my promise and my adiction at the same time! Take a look at this. Ahem! I’m sooo childish sometimes :P. But I applied for a noble cause!! More paranoia coming soon


I swear!

Ok, yes, I know, I know I’m always saying I won’t do it again, but this time is the last one, I SWEAR… Well, I’ve open my last fanlisting (ahem! so far…): it’s devoted to the Six Feet Under (A dos metros bajo tierra in Spain) character Federico Díaz. (¡Évos tan riquiño!). Well… Whatever. The […]


MY TRIP (chapter 2 of 2)

Well, here goes the rest of my “summer adventures” (so far ;)). My godmother had told me that if it was not possible going to Amsterdam, we would make another kind of trip. I think we both suspected that this would happen, since that friend of hers is a bit absent-minded I guessed we would […]