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I’ll be out and a preview of version “X”

I’m off to Salamanca, leaving in a few hours, so I might not be able to answer any feedback during the week-end. Sorry!

In the meanwhile you can take a look at “the spirit” of the 10th version (version X ;)) of Callitoes Collectanea. I usually offer a wallpaper based on each version layout (yeah, I know some are pure crap, but oh well :geeked:), so here it is a preview.

Oh, I’d better be going.
Take care, have fun…
À bientôt!

‘Oficially’ open.

Hi everyone.
I’ve decided that I like this layout and that it will stay that way until someone gets fed up with it and makes another one 😀

Blue and white… It’s nice. And contents are the important stuff here, aren’t they? 😉

Well, I must confess that I’ve been playing with PHP a bit, and for some reason I screwed up the code :s Everything seemed to be ok until I realised that I couldn’t log in or register. It was 1 a.m when I noticed that, so I decided that I’d better install everything again (next time I promise I’ll go a bit further on my research ;)). That means that Kathleen, who had already registered, should register again (sorry, girl :/). But I managed to save the (interesting) posts (in a text file… Sorry, it is late! I cannot think ‘comme il faut’ :p). This is Kathleen’s post: Seguir leyendo