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Hi everyone. Sorry if my last post has frightened someone, I guess everybody passes through that deppressed state from time to time, and a blog is a good way of spiting some words to relieve oneself, but I am aware that those things may turn out to be rather annoying to a reader who is getting used to the blog, specially when the sort of things you usually read here are of the “yada, yada!” type 😛 (By the way Frauke, thanks for your words :D).

I’ve passed two days at Q’s place, one of my best (male) friends. The first day I went there whith N., another friend of mine (girl) and we had so much fun together… I know that a bunch of you may be thinking this way: fun+3= ménage í  trois, but fun with me has nothing to do with sex, as many of you who know me a little bit may be already well aware ;); there’s still a life apart from sex, you know? 😛 … We are all mates at the English Theatre Group of my faculty and we have became close friends, but N. (the girl) is going to Manchester in two weeks to study there for the whole academic year and Q. (the boy) has just gone to Norway to spend nine months there too. And if I was a bit low before this day, today I am a bit lower, but now I’m feeling stoic, so I don’t suffer that much 😛

I was with Q. the whole day before his trip, and I was with him until he dissapeared through the door previous to the boarding gates. We haden’t slept much when N. was with us, but the day after Q. had to get up early to make arrangements for his trip, among other things, and I “escorted” him all day long. It’s been tiring, but fun for me, and I hope it hasn’t been too much a trouble for him me to be around all the time 😛 He is really loved by all their friends, acquaintances and relatives, and he knows such a huge amount of people! We met almost everyone. Needless to say that when the last ones kissed him good bye it was time to go, so off we went with his parents to the airport (her elder sister stayed in bed, so for some reason I suddenly took this role as his “elder sister” during the farewell). I was the last one in kiss him goodbye, I tried to avoid the hug I was expecting, because I knew I would remember it for a long time and, therefore, give me good reasons to cry or something worse (I always try to avoid crying, so I think things over until I blow my brains out :P), but it was inevitable (sigh!). It was really thrilling, anyway.

Now I am already at home, and I slept a siesta (the first one in ages) for about 4 hours, and now I am not sure about the date. Was it today when N. was with us? Did Q. part yesterday or it happened this morning? Oh! Whatever. I hope I will get soon over this and that that sort of jinx I put unconsciously on my friends (they always end up by dying or far away from me, glups!) will have a counterspell (at least on the ones who are far away :D).

Thanks for reading my crap… By the way, I got a new accordion today (it was today, isn’t it? ;)).

3 Comments on IS IT YESTERDAY?

  1. Oh no…farewells are the hardest, especially when you consider that there is only a small circle of people in life that you can actually call friends. It’s tough!

    But if there is a coming back, than that’s probably one of the greatest things!

    May not be fitting, but GOSH I envy your friend for going to Norway… I think he will feel really welcome over there and his time will be a great experience! 🙂

    Have a good one!

  2. I DO ENVY HIM AS MUCH AS I MISS HIM :P. Yes, Norway must be really beautiful and “interesting”. And I’m already missing the girl who hasn’t gone yet to Manchester too 🙁
    Anyway, there are no distances nowadays. E-mail, cheap plain tickets, scholarships that allow you spend the money in “cultural trips”…

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