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ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. 🙂

Well, here goes the rest of my “summer adventures” (so far ;)).

My godmother had told me that if it was not possible going to Amsterdam, we would make another kind of trip. I think we both suspected that this would happen, since that friend of hers is a bit absent-minded 😛

I guessed we would visit a convent of nuns in Toro (which is a town nearer to my home place than to Madrid, by the way), because my godmother goes there each months to teach them music notions to play their gorgeous XVIIth century organ. I fancied the idea because I like that kind of nuns (as you might know, there are several “kinds” of nuns, as everything in this world ;)) even though I am a faithfully believer in atheism 😀 (if you read my post of those days you may read something about me being a nun if they were not religious :P).

Well, I was in the train when my godmother confirmed me that we were not going to Amsterdam. When I arrived to Madrid it was really hot there, I hadn’t visited Madrid in the summertime for ages and I suddenly remembered that only tourists and dorks stay in Madrid in the summertime 😛 (sorry, no offence intended… In fact, I am offending myself :P), anyway, I wasn’t aware in that moment that THIS would be the hottest summer in the whole continent since Bob knows when…

I had a nice time in the following two days there because I met some online friends that I had never met “in real life” before, and it was really fun. But nights were horrible: it’s not easy trying to breathe when the air is at 30ºC, as you might be already aware…

My godmother couldn’t stand the hot either so we decided to part towards the North the following day and spend the week-end round there, and that very night we received the phone call of that “absent-minded” friend of my godmother saying that she wanted to go with us… Oh, she is from the Canary Islands, by the way, and I find it a bit difficult to deal with Canary temperament in general terms. Maybe I am too cold to share it. I find them “too sincere” (I do defend hypocrisy sometimes :)). I am used to my godmother’s “sincere” way of being (she is always criticising my own behaviour, but I just shout my mouth and the ‘episodes’ don’t last for long), but that woman’s was too much. I managed not to be rude with her, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t feel like killing her a couple of times…

Whatever… I won’t explain everything. Just mention that we travelled by car and we visited Zaragoza (their webpage is quite crappy, but I love the tune they’ve got there :D), Jaca (just next to the Pyrenees), a lot of historical tiny villages in the valleys round there and we even crossed the Pyrenees to France and… Visited Lourdes! It was just crazy: we crossed by car impossible and dangerous mountains and we suddenly arrived there. I though it would be much more “kitsch” that I expected, but all that merchandising of faith… Quite sad. Anyway, I bought about two tons of “Lourdes tablets”; my ‘yaya’ (maternal grandmother) used to bought them for us when she would go to Lourdes, and –since they were “the virgin’s tablets”- my sister and I believed they were magical or something. It was funny seing my sister’s expression when she saw those tablets again 😀

Well, after our “Lourdes Odyssey” we returned to Madrid, but on our way we slept in Sos del Rey Católico: the town where the King Ferdinand of Aragón (Isabella I of Castille’s husband) was born. We slept in the Parador: really comfortable and… Interesting 😀

Incidentally, the only moment in which the temperature was not horribly high was when we were somewhere around the Pyrenees, the rest… Beautiful, but barely standable.

When we got to Madrid, the Canary friend kissed us goodbye (by that time I had already got used to her :P) and we stayed there for two more days in which I met several relatives of mine which are also good friends of mine and that couldn’t run away from Madrid’s heat.

Night’s were as horrible as I expected… I didn’t remember hot could be so disgusting…

The next day my godmother decided it was time we should run away again up to the North, so we started our way to Galicia, but we stopped in Toro (with the nuns, ¿remember?) where we stayed for one night (not so much hot there… But only a couple of degrees lower :(). We also stopped in Valladolid and stayed there for two days and nights at the place of a good friend of my godmother who I know since I was very little. Hot there was horrible too, but by that time I didn’t remember how natural cool air was like…

After Valladolid we got to Pontevedra and the village where our country house is… Not as many degrees here, but much more humidity than the other places where we had just been to, so this is almost as disgusting as in Madrid or Valladolid, or even worse, because you sweat a lot here… Anyway, we’ve got nice rivers and beaches near home, so that’s what I am doing when I am not in the computer: diving in the river.

I wish you all are dealing with hot the best that you can,
I mean it… And consider you a really brave person if you have read all this :D.


2 Comments on MY TRIP (chapter 2 of 2)

  1. Ah.. how comfortable! My data is saved in this script, so I can reply even faster! But on the other hand my hands are always gliding off the keys due to the heat! 😉

    Your story sounded like you would have a lot of fun if it hadn’t been so darn hot! But what exactly did you mean when you said she was too sincere… you mean like offendingly sincere? Then I can understand what you mean. It’s nice to be open and all, so you know what you can expect from another person, but on the other hand people have feelings.. and… oh wait… this is going to far here, think I’m scaring other people of to take their turn and comment, so I’ll stop here!


  2. 😀 Don’t be afraid of rambling here, that’s what I tend to too too!! 😛 And I read everything, so it’s ok with me…
    And yes, I meant “offendingly sincere” 😛
    Hey! And you are really fast! You always comment before I have finished editing, lol, I added some links, by the way 😀
    Thanks for reading anyway 😉

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