EN: Warning: This post is over two years old, so it's possible that the views, opinions, links or instructions reflected on it do not correspond with the way I think now or the way things currently work. I have evolved (and so have the World and the Internet), so it might be advisable to just take this entry for a glimpse into the (my) past. 🙂

ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. 🙂

Hey! I’m almost finished with the conversion!
16 of the 18 fanlistings I run are already managed with PHP fanbase, and the one I’ve got on upcoming -number 19- will be too. Mmm… that number makes me feel like aplying for one more :roll:… Well,once I finished the whole process of conversion I might need a whole day to make some pages fit in their frames and so on, but I’m glad that everything had gone so quickly 😛

Oh, by the way, a semi-sad piece of news :-?… Just check CollectaNtea.Org and you’ll read about it.
And now that I am talking about that domain… Frauke, in case you were wondering, there is stuff related to the Languages & Linguistics fanlisting coming… In your honour 😉

Glups!… Now I’m feeling my “empire” bigger than ever :P. I guess I love that feeling, but I also love sharing it with anyone who comes by 😀
And I don’t forget about what we talked about, Ajda 😉


  1. Hi Calítoe!

    Thanks about your answer concerning my book question.
    I have registered with your new forum yesterday and I’m so excited, I really love the idea and I hope/I’m convinced that people will flock together like if there was some jewelry give-away 😉 and that a lot of interesting discussions will be on their way.

    You asked me to translate the sentence “Choose your destiny”. Well, “wählen Sie ihr Schicksal” is grammatically correct, but formal (Sie is reserved for authorities like teachers or adults you don’t know) and if you want to place that phrase somewhere on your website, you should use “wähle dein Schicksal”. But I’m asking whether you’re not meaning “destination” instead of “destiny”? What do you need it for? 😛

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