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Hi there,
I suppossed that you were interested in knowing how our folkloric clothes look in Galicia (this goes specially for you, Frauke ;)), so here they are: a couple of pictures of the “junior section” of our group. Enjoy them 😀 (When will you come to join us? ;))




3 Comments on Galician celebrations

  1. Well, that looks just cool! I’m surprised (in a positive way) that the kiddies aren’t ashamed of showing theirselves in folkloric clothes (of course, there’s nothing wrong with that, but explain it to the kiddies) XD

  2. I think you have all the right to show off with them, because indeed they look just very beautiful. The dress on the first picture reminds of the kind they were wearing at courts in the 16./17. (?) century, because of the cloth.

    But yeah, one can see that you yourself enjoy yourselves in these dresses, which adds a lot to the beauty! Thanks for sharing those with us! 🙂

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