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ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. 🙂

Today’s the 25th anniversary of the last (so far) Spanish Constitution and everyone who has turned 25 years old (like our Constitution) or 18 (the age you can vote, buy tobacco & alcohol and go to jail) has been sent a copy of its text. In case you don’t know yet, I am in the first group of “lucky ones” (25). I have several copies of several Spanish constitutions, but I like this last one I have been sent because it also has the text in Galician.

I’ve been taking a look at all of them last night and I realised the 1978 one (the latest so far) is not at all the most progressist one (well, I already knew that, I just wanted to confirm it ;)): I think the one from 1812 (called “la Pepa” because it was approved on Saint Joseph’s day -Joseph=José=Pepe) was pretty progressist in many senses, and the Republican one (1931-1936, just before the Civil War and Franco’s Dictatorship) was exemplar in the way women were treated and, sadly, that has not been improved nowadays; for example: the heir to the throne in Spain is not the first child of the king, but the first male child. Anyway, that’s rather pathetic too: monarchies are out of date, but at least I don’t have much trouble with the Royal Family being around.

Well, I guess no one cares much about recent Spanish history, so I’ll go to the point: I am working hard (as hard as my pre-doctorate thesis permits :roll:) on the transformation of Glossa/Linguae Forum into a group blog. I have finished the 5th version of Diletante.Net (but I cannot uploaded now: it’s based on the New Year 8-)); I have almost finished the 9th version of .:.CC.:., and this time (I hope) it will have interesting sections and they will be finished and uploaded since the very first day 😛
Oh! Incidentally, have you see what appears in the comments pop-up? I love smilies :dance:
I wish you all a nice week-end.
Ciao! I’m going to celebrate 25 years of democracy 🙂 Oh! And… ¡Halá Madrid ! =)

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  1. Thankies 🙂 I’m also learning “nice” stuff about Germany. It’s really sad that the main thing we are taught about Germany at school is all that about the Great Wars :think: Anyway, last Wednesday our teacher explained to us almost everything about the Beer Party at München: I don’t drink alcohol at all, but I think it’s worthwhile seeing that spectacular party at least once in a lifetime. o:)

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