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I’m fed up with the USA false moral: they get angry because of a teat (HEY YOU, WHOEVER IS IN CHARGE OF CENSORSHIP THERE: THERE ARE 3000 MILLION WOMEN WITH 2 OF THEM AND IT’S NOT A CRIME TO BE PROUD ABOUT IT, I ASSURE YOU) and they don’t mind distroying a city with thousands of years of history and showing it to the world :doh:. What annoys me most is the fact that they are trying to impose their stupidity to the whole planet… 😕

This is not anything against (some) USA citizens, because I’ve known great people there, but I cannot believe the self called “greatest nation in the World” can behave as the greatest shit ever.

If you tried to promote your next album, Janet, you’ve made a big deal with me because I will buy it. You are not a worse person than Justin Timberlake (traitor) or George Bush (no comments), you deserve your piece of glory too.

Sorry about my language, but I’m really fed up with all that censorship shit.

4 Comments on Fed up

  1. Reading your posts, I’ve been thinking….you should be on my “family” page as my second older sister. We agree on almost everything.

    False moral pisses me off. They make movies full of sex and undecent music videos, yet this is “terrible”…blah, propaganda…blah! :violin:

  2. I agree with you when Iheard it on the radio one morning I just thought they were acting like a bunch of kids “omg a boob omg thats so wrong” What about when a mother breast feeds her child in public is that so wrong too? :naughty: At least she had a certain part of it covered up.
    By the way don’t know if you noticed but I have a new layout up and now theres a bit over 50 members! YAAY! :dance:

  3. Solo puedo “agree” contigo (Like conmigo y contigo so much o:) ) El patriotismo americano es terribelísimo!!! 👿 Espero que una Europa supranational va “stop” sus ugly self-confidentness (Could you undersand it?)

  4. Hi guys, and thanks for your comments. It’s great to see there’s not so much stupidity in the World as I feared the other day :smh:
    Iva: wow, it would be an honour to become one of your older sister! It would be enough for me to just be your older cousin 😀 Anyway, if you finally decide not to put me there, I find it really nice just to be a friend of the family o:)

    Helen: Congrats! I see you are doing a great job there, and I really like this layout too!

    Thilo: Ja! I have understood you :geeked: Hope those stupid people could understand things too one day :tongue:

    See you all on the Net! 😎

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