EN: Warning: This post is over two years old, so it's possible that the views, opinions, links or instructions reflected on it do not correspond with the way I think now or the way things currently work. I have evolved (and so have the World and the Internet), so it might be advisable to just take this entry for a glimpse into the (my) past. 🙂

ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. 🙂

I’m often said that I have an interesting life.
Well, the truth is that I consider it pretty “normal” (now I come to think of it, maybe the most “interesting” part of it is that it is quite “normal”): my parents never got divorced, I’ve had a nice childhood, I’ve always had pets -which I love-, I’ve spent half of my life watching tv and the other half worrying mainly about school. I’ve had the usual traumas as everyone, namely death of loved people, dealing with parents, frustratred dreams, a bit of molestation, distance of close friends… Nothing extraordinary.

I think they call my life “interesting” because of the way I’m leading it. And that’s not really out of this world either, it’s just that I’m involved in a lot of different things at the same time.

Even thought I’ve been posting more “personal” stuff here since a few weeks
ago, I usually ommit most of the things I’ve done the day I posted, just because I find it quite a pain to talk about them all and also because I find all that stuff pretty boring to read.

Anyway, since those things seem to be so “interesting”, I’ll try and write ‘all’ that I’ve done today… And I think today will be the first and last time I do that :tongue:

Here it goes:
I got up relatively early for a Saturday -at 9:00-, because I had an appointment with the people of the etnographic center that wants me to build their website. My mother took me to Cerdedo, which is about 15 kilometers from Tenorio and there I met the woman who is leading a part of the project. I also meet Alfredo, the manager of the etnographical museum.

I hadn’t seen Alfredo for ages (his parents and mine are colleagues), and his almost bald head surprised me a bit: he is only 3 years older than me, and I am not “that” old :geeked:. I remembered I had been told he was leaving with his girlfriend: he is one of those library mice and everyone is surprised that he has a girlfriend, but hey! Everybody has the right! 😎 Mmmm… But I got kind of jealous when I saw him and thought of it… Well, that’s not exactly the word but… Whatever.

So, from Cerdedo we went to Soutelo, where the museum is. There we met a German journalist who is working for the Diario de Pontevedra as a corresponsal in that area. She is a daughter of a Galician inmigrant (there used to be lots ot them round there, I’m sure you all know someone who has something to do with Galicia: me, for example 🙂 although I am not an inmigrant… Yet ;)) and a German woman, and her accent was really strong, but her grammar was perfect. Kind of curious.

In the museum I was in charge of getting pictures of EVERYTHING (yeah, I took pictures of every single of the 700 items that are exposed) in order to use them for the website, and in the meanwhile the journalist asked a lot of questions not only about the museum but about the whole area in general. I really want to read that article, because she posed really interesting questions.

When we were ending some friend of these people came with a new edited book of visual poetry written by one of them. They gave me one as a present and the truth is that I enjoyed it. I mention that I do something similar in my Calito(h)eces and ask me to say one for them. I was really embarrased, I didn’t mean to attrack their attention in such a way, honest! But I told them one of the little pieces of crap I write in that site and they seemed to like it. They encouraged me to write more in Galician in order to publish it, and they asked me to recite some in their next recital. But I hope they have forgotten by then :geeked:

After all that the German journalist, the woman who is in charge of the project and I went to have a coffee in a nearby cafeteria and talk quite a lot about everything: culture, politics (we are having general elections by next Sunday), general gossiping and so on :mrgreen: In the end the journalist asked for my telephone number 😎 whooo! (ok, I’m not *that* lesbian, but she has “something”, indeed) alleging she would ask a mate of hers to write a report about the Folkloric Group of which I am the president. That would be great 😀

Then the other woman took me home, I had lunch with my parents, my uncle and the local doctor and during dessert I came upstairs to do some stuff in the Internet. A few seconds later my mother yelled at me for having dissappeared. I helped her cleaning the kitchen, then I brushed my teeth and left an sms to the vice-president of the group in order to let him know that I couldn’t go to the dance rehersal because I would go to an important meeting related to the group, so he would be in charge of everything. After that my mother took me to Carballedo, where the town hall of the area where Tenorio belongs to is, in order to attend that important meeting. My mother left (I must say here that I got my driving licence 5 years ago, but I don’t like driving :dead: and it’s not that I am “bad” at it: I simply hate it) and there I found…

I found a so-called mate from childhood -who was in the folk dances group for a long time too- with whom I’ve always been in terms of “how I hate you but I’ve been knowing you all my life, so I guess I somewhat really appreciate you” and who is also one of the reasons of my characteristic aversion towards *penis* (ahem! That’s it :???:).

The meeting was an informative speech about the new law of assotiations here in Spain, and it’s litterally a pain. It is said that a lot of non-commercial associations will dissappear due to the amount of duties we have been charged with. It’s a real pain, but I hope we will manage to come to a good end 😐 This “friend” of mine came with another boy I also know and who I always found rather… Well, I don’t know, “peculiar” doesn’t imply what I mean. But today was pretty normal considering his personality, so I haven’t had such a bad time.

The “friend” I’m talking about, M., told me that he had been recently left by his girlfriend for 7 years and been fired of his job by the father of that girl :doh:, so I kind of sympathised with him. I cannot forget the stupidities that he and his family were all the time saying about us, and that when we were “younger”, he was all the time flirting with every single girl he knew and for some reason, I was his “favourite”… Well, I DO know the reason: I was one of the few ones that didn’t give in to him (despite his shocking blue eyes, it wasn’t that difficult: I didn’t like so much “touching” :dead:). Anyway, he said it again: that I had always been the love of his life, and that he knew that I was kind of “loved” by several other guys when we were 11-17 years old, but that I was too “tough” and that I broke several hearts and, therefore, that everyone had been “touched” by me and blah, blah…

GOSH! I never know how to face that kind of things: it is true that I’ve always been more or less “tough” to boys because I prefered them to talk and even flirt with than to be kissing and losing my “precious” time (yeah, I was that awful at that time :P) with “kissy-kissy” stuff. I also know that even though he might have been serious in a little bit of what he said, he was essentially joking, but I couldn’t help being affected by it.

In that moment of this evening I knew for sure that the only reason that moved me to ask for the kiss you all know was only the desire of demonstrating that I was able to show affection. Just an act to prove I have that “ability”. And I felt miserable :eh: And I felt that I had been mean to Q.: that I had showed him all my affection just to demonstrate something… And I realised I didn’t care the fact that he may not care all this at all… (Yeah, I know: I do care, but I’d rather not think about it :P)

Whatever. After the whole speech (geez! It lasted for 4 hours :tongue:), M. took me home. I wanted to talk about all that new law stuff, but he was quite sensitive because of his issue with his ex-girlfriend, so -please forgive me for saying this- it was nice to talk to him: there was no bad feeling in the air, as it usually happens when I talk to him.

When we were entering Tenorio we ran out of fuel. We laugh so much :doh::lol: Fortunaly we were near his home. I told him I could go on foot, but he insisted on taking his father’s car and take me home so… I accepted.

After he had went, I sat down to the kitchen table with my mother and we both were reading newspapers while we were listening to the Deportivo de A Coruña match (bad game :neutral:) and I received an sms from M. with a couple of nice compliments. He also said something about Q. I’ve had mentioned him during the speech brake just because M. remembered having seen me with Q. and asked me about him, but I just said I met him when we did that exchange with Arizona… In the sms M. told me that *Q.* was very fortunate (that has become like a literary topic or something…).

And I felt even more mean and miserable.

I came here, to the Internet, in order to let you all know my average “interesting” day and some guests appeared: the local doctor again with his “partner” (I don’t know exactly how to call her, but I like her anyway). After dinner I came here again to help my father look for some Bananarama midis (yes, for my father, please don’t ask :dead:) and I eventually ended this huge pile of ramblings…

And the main reason that has made me to write all this is just to keep me entertained and avoid thinking about my true feelings about everybody, because I might come to the conclusion that, even though I am always very aware when I dislike or like someone, and that I can be really mean with some of the ones I really like, I estimate everyone I know. I only find a couple of individuals despicable,
but I always try to be in good terms with those in order to avoid stupid problems.

Now I think I will put all my fanlistings databases into a single one with several tables… It will be a complex process, but I need something complicated enough to avoid comming to the conclusion that my true feelings about Q. are that…

Je crois que je l’aime, et quand on le crois, alors c’est le míªme que si c’était vrai…
Ce sont des choses qui passent.

[Confimed: I will never write a post telling all that happens in my “interesting” average days ever. Never ever.]

6 Comments on My “Interesting” Average Day

  1. Mierda…mierda…
    Ahora es cuando más me jode no haber seguido estudiando inglés.Este es sin duda tu post que más me interesaba leer y mi patético conocimiento de la lengua inglesa me lo ha impedido
    Algo he pillado,pero no mucho la verdad.
    Puede que mañana,con un diccionario…

    ¿Cómo se dice “buenas noches” en gallego? :think:

  2. Oh boy, I have to draw some sort of a mind map to completely understand all of the above. 😯
    Hang on… :mrgreen:

    No, seriously, I’m amazed by all the stuff you do during one single day. You seem to drag interesting people into your presence like a magnet (dialectically this would mean you’re not interesting, but who would be so pedantic? Well, except linguistics students… ;)). Anyway, to me you have some really interestings points, which is all I can take notice of via the Internet.

    I’m working on the second emotional part… 💡

  3. OK,todo entendido (creo).Me ha gustado mucho este post,porque de alguna manera me ha acercado un poquito más al mito Calítoe 😉

    ¿En serio no vas a volver a escribir algo así?
    Una lástima…

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