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Thanks Patán, Francesca & Iva for your comments to the previous entry 😉

This is a Holly Year again, and for the 3rd time in my life I’ll do the Pilgims Way to Santiago on foot from my country house in Tenorio just to arrive to my house in Santiago (I like it: I am a complete atheist, but I like doing the way just for cultural reasons). Kind of funny indeed, and I hope it will be fun too: it will be a group of 16 people, which include my parents, my sister, her boyfriend, my cousins and their boyfriends 😛

It’s only 60 kms :). But I might be able to even finish my pre-doctorate thesis: I usually think a lot when I walk for a long time (usually interesting thoughts :D).


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  1. haha we had the camino de santiago in our first spanish book in unit “Espana en fiesta” 🙂 I thought that it’s just founded by the authors of the book like all the other units… en el momento tenemos el thema: “Rebeldes con causa” en el texto se trata de los pobres adolescences que tienen tantos problemas con todo el mundo Haha… :dance:

  2. 😀 Well, the Camino de Santiago exists, and it’s the cause that now I cannot be able to feet my left foot toes 😛
    Good luck with all those teenagers speaking in Spanish :geeked:

  3. Jesus, how does it feel to walk 60 km KNOWING all the time that you’re about to walk 60 km? I mean, sometimes it seems that’s the distance I walk around in the city trying to find the right shoes for my clown feet, but that feels just like stupidity and vanity. 😉 Is any of them one of the seven sins, btw? o:)
    Whatever. Tell us more about the camino!! 🙂

  4. In fact, it is much better when you know what you are doing. This year, my father changed the route and was all the time saying that it was only a few minutes left to our next destination, so we were all prepared to be walking for another few minutes, but then it was HOURS. If we would have been told that there was still a lot to get to the next point, we would have been psychologically prepared for it, but oh well, we arrived (only 6 people out of 16 :P), and now I don’t feel my left foot, but it was “nice” anyway 😀

    And vanity it’s not exactly one of the seven sins (it would be somehow related to pride), but if we comitted no sins, we would be horribly perfect 😉

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