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Galician dances contest on Sunday (*excited*) 😀 We always cause sensation: we usually forget the figures, so we tend to improvise, and when you see a group of 12 people improvising in such a synchronised way, it can be “really” impressive ;), I mean it! Our very own teacher is amazed with us, Os Trazantes. We won a very popular contest in 1996 doing that :geeked:. I wonder what we are going to do on Sunday… Even if it is a total disaster, we’ll manage to have fun anyway :dance:. But it would be great if we could win this time too…

And yeah, tomorrow is “the” wedding :dead:. I know, I know: everyone has the right to have a great wedding if they want to, but the problems is that I want to remember the 22nd of May as I have always remembered it: as the birthday of my deceased but still beloved “yaya” (grandmother in Valencian: she was from the Spanish East Coast) and the birthday of my Spanish sort of blog, but oh well, now it’ll be THEIR anniversary as well… I don’t mind sharing the date, but…
(Incidentally, talking about sharing: Rika, we can share Joksimovic if you want to :luv:… But, oh well, I won’t fight if you prefer him only for you: I’m not like that and I guess he’ll be fine in your hands… As you wish… :mrgreen:)

Well, I hope you will all have an *interesting* week-end too =)

6 Comments on Contest, wedding and anniversary

  1. ¡Mañana es el aniversario de Calito(h)eces! Hay que celebrarlo.Yo llevo la tarta y la música (nada de Bisbal,querida.La BSO de Calito(h)eces es de categoría…Suena a Rolling Stones 🙂
    Ummm…la BODA.Últimamente estoy como menos bollo y más maruja.Esto no es propio de mí,pero estoy ansiosa por ver la BODA.Empiezo a preocuparme;será el estrés que me cambia la personalidad 😕
    Así que he quedado para verla con mi madre,en plan marujonas las dos,comiendo panchitos y criticando los vestidos y peinados,y babeando (la Leti me pone).

    Joder,cómo me enrrollo… 😳
    Lo último: ¡mucha suerte el domingo! A improvisar mucho,eh! 😀 😉

  2. Wish you a lot of fun for your dance contest! I loved those occasions when I was an active dancer, we always were the last, but also seeing all the other groups was exciting! Go Calítoe! :dance:

  3. ?Aniversario de Calito(h)eces? iiiiiiiiiiGratulación!!! ?Conoces la canción “toma que toma”? A mi me gusta mucho…
    But I don’t understand how 20 people are able to improvise synchronously… iYou must be great! So what… tomorrow I’m going to fly to Hungary for a weeg and therefore won’t comment. iiiiButtttt keep
    up the blog, it’s a pleasure to read it every day!

  4. Agh! Blast! I wasn’t planning on watching The Wedding on telly, but lookie! I am! Gah!
    Good luck on the dance contest, I’m sure you can … hmmh.. improvise your way pretty high. 😀
    (I’m basically not into sharing, but if you want to, I can rent Zeljko to you every now and then. How does that sound?:tongue: )

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