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ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. 🙂

Hey, I’ve never had so many comments before! Thanks all of you who participated in the debate of last entry 😀
I’m still having loads of things to do, but for some reason I’m feeling really stoic, and that makes me feel with the strengh I need to deal with everything. I cannot say I’m super-hyper, cheerful and so on, but not feeling rather “down” as I’ve been feeling for several weeks it’s a good sign 😛

The title of this post (“Hoxe é o Día das Letras Galegas”) means “Today is the “Day of Galician Letters (Literature)” in… Galician ;). Each year it is devoted to someone (who has already died :P) who wrote in Galician or Galician-Portuguese (they were the same language until the XIV-XVth century). This year it is devoted to an etnograph and humorist whose nickname was Xocas (his real name was Xaquín -Joachim- Fernández, and he died in 1989). The first year that Galician Letters were celebrated was the 17th of May of 1963 when it was the 100th aniversary of the publication of the first Literary Work in Galician after a long time without Galician works being printed. That first book is Cantares Gallegos, a poetry book by Rosalía de Castro. Of course, the 17th of May of 1963 was devoted to her, and now every single Galician child knows several of her poems by heart =) They are beautiful, very “Galician” 😉 Romantic, melancholic… One of the reasons I would like to be a good writer is to write stuff that shows Galicia as a place in which we can have a lot of fun too, I’m rather fed up with all that existencialist rainy place everybody believes Galicia is.

Well, whatever. It’s pretty hot in here today: 28ºC, I’m going to do nothing on the grass :geeked:, in a couple of hours I will catch the train to Santiago and my stressful life will start again :dead:…
So, ciao for now…
Oh! Just another thing: if you are bored enough and you are not already in Collectanea.Org, visit this. Yeah, I know: the colours clash, but I like them =). I’ll change them when my eyes get sick of watching the whole thing ;).

¡Hasta la próxima!


  1. Börg today I had my “Central Class Test” in German… This was the most important class test of the year and therefore I didn’t post yesterday. I don’t know… Ist Calician s.th. like a dialect? I think that dialects aren’t soooo important like the Spanish people think they are. I’m talking a German one too wich is called “Schwäbisch” or Swabian in English I think. The normal German People aren’t able to speak it – even if they live hundred years together with “native speakers”… But I’m not proud of speaking Swabian… Not as People talking valenciano or what ever… Maybe that’s a kind of missing patriotism.

  2. oh Iva… you remind Michelle? I had problems with reminding her and I’m German… She was so boring!!! It was terrible! Normally she’s a folk singer and like a newscaster in Germany said: “Michelle ist eine Bombe im Bett” haha this means “Michelle is a bomb bed.” 🙂 But I think Max reflects the German taste of music today… It was a little bit like Nora Jones who is pretty succesfull here. But please don’t think that I’m deviding the world in east and west!!! I really plead for integration but there’s just one day in the year I become xenophobic: The ESC 🙂

  3. Iva, I was waiting for you ;), but my post about the Galician Letters thing couldn’t wait :mrgreen:.

    Thilo: DON’T SAY GALICIAN IS A DIALECT! It is a language!!! lol 😎 Well, I don’t mind it at all; actually Galician is a dialect: a dialect of Latin, just like the other Romance languages =) and, for example, English, which is the evolution of mixing vikings languages with French and, recently, Spanish 😛
    Galician is one of the 3 cooficial languages in Spain together with Castillian (Spanish); by the way, Valenciano is not considered official… Yet 😉

    I had a conversation about dialects with Frauke the first time we *met* 😀 I do think dialects are important, but everybody should learn how to speak the official language standard properly. Of course, I respect everyone, but I hate when any of my compatriots spoil the rules of language 👿 (I specially dislike orthography errors, since Spanish orthography is SO SIMPLE!). Well, sorry about getting fanatic, but sometimes I cannot help getting a bit fascist when it comes to grammar and orthography rules :smh:

    Anyway, languages in Spain has to do with historic and political issues: I won’t explain them here because it’s boring 🙂 But we like it this way and -at least in Galicia- there’s no major problems with that.
    Incidentally, have I mentioned that Spaniards have a lot of problems when trying to learn English? The pronuntiation is so strange in comparison to Spanish: it is much easier for a Spaniard to pronounce German or any Slavonic language rather than English %)

  4. Green one looks good. 😀
    If the 28 degrees feels too much, I’ll be glad to switch places. Finland today: 9.8 degrees. :dead:

    and ps. zeljko’s mine! mine! MUHAHAHAHA!

  5. Thilo, I know that you’re not dividing the world. You seem to be very very open. You don’t know how those who divide the world look like. I saw some of them on BBC’s message board thing regarding ESC and they were errr…rude. I’d use a worse word, but I don’t want to swear here.

    I don’t care about singers’ private lives…and your media tends to care about that too much, same as ours. They’re losing point. Let people sing and I don’t care if they sleep with people of the opposite sex, people of the same sex, fish, plants or trash cans 😆

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