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I’ve done it…
I swore that I would never do it…
But I did… :doh:

I bought The Da Vinci Code (well, the Spanish version: El código da Vinci)…
I didn’t want to give money to that individual, promise: I just wanted to read the book in order to be able to criticise it, but since I didn’t find it in any library, and that I couldn’t borrow it from anyone, I ended up by buying it in the Book Fair of Santiago.

Anyway, what annoys me most is that my so-called friend J. bought it in English just a few minutes later. He could as well have chosen another bl**dy book to practise his English!! If he wanted to read this book, I could have lend him mine! 😡

Gosh, I’ve still so much to do with my %&$% thesis :dead:… But most of my time goes in websites (I’m getting paid for developing one, though! :geeked:), the Galician dances group, concerts in which my sister has panic attacks 😎 (but I helped her there: “¡bravo pola presentadora!!” -that’s Galician), the theatre group, crying for the sake of it and feeling sorry for myself :violin: , and reading (I am currently reading The Bible in Spanish -yeah, it’s general culture-, El capitán Alatriste, by Arturo Pérez Reverte, and Das Parfum. Die Geschichte eines Mí¶rders by Patrick Süskind in Spanish)… I can’t remember if I ever devoted my reading time just to one book :tongue:

Yeah, I know, I always end up by sorting everything out. But in the meanwhile… GOD DAMM THE MEANWHILE!! =( :sick:

Thank heavens I can feel my left foot again 😛
Well, hasta pronto.

7 Comments on I Did It

  1. I know about that book! I am absolutely crazy about anything concerning art and artists, especially Italian renaissance artists 😎 But, I am not sure about what an American writer can do to that Genius called Leonardo :mrgreen:
    I’m terribly interested in reading that book, but I am still looking for someone who can lend me the book :dance:
    I am very disappointed when I think that there is people who can believe that what they read in a novel is true :naughty:
    Anyway, I LOVE Leonardo da Vinci to distraction :luv: :luv: :luv:

  2. Hola Calítoe! Tengo una pregunta: Es verdad que todas adolescencas en Espana quedan embarazada y abortan sus hijos y es también verdad que hay muchas fiestas “en casas donde hay mucho marihuana”? No puedo creerlo! Pienso que es una tontería que tenemos que aprender cosas como estas!!! 👿 iiiNo somos estúpidos!!!!! Pero nuestro libo de espanol es totalmente sin siento!!! Grrrrr :tongue:

  3. WAS!!! That must be propaganda to put all Germans against us in EU decisions 😛
    Maybe in *some* houses that’s normal, but not definetly in mine. Most of parties are outside; and I don’t know any case of teenager pregnancy in my environment… Well, only one case, but she was 19 and she didn’t abort.
    Yeah, I attended some parties in which there was marihuana, but I’m sure there are a lot like those in Germany too. The only legal drugs in Spain are alcohol and tobacco, so it’s not that easy to be so wild.
    In case you were interested, I don’t like that kind of parties at all, and I am a virgin myself -I’m just trying to say that there are a lot of different ways of having fun ;), but in spite of that, everybody knows me as one of the most cheerful girls they know :dance:

  4. Ya me he pensadolo. No puedo creer que hay historias como esa. Pero me pregunto: ?No hay themas qué son más interesantes como chicas embarazadas? Voy a escribir una carta a los autores del libro 😆 iiiEs increible!!!

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