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I’m cursed: the bests friends I’ve had in life have endep up by dying :???: (well, only a couple of them), or moving to somewhere else (quite a bunch have done it)… Or they have been living far away from me since the beginning. Of course, everybody has the right to die in peace and to move away if they want to, but it’s quite annoying for me. Yeah, call me selfish, but’s it’s really annoying and deppressing and makes me suffer a lot.

There. I’ve said it.

My icy heart melts from time to time too.

R. is going to spend a whole academic year in Kansas, and I’m afraid I will be stuck for another year here watching another friend leaving me (yeah, from my point of view that’s how it feels). I knew it, I’ve always known that I could be great friends with R., and I also knew we would finally realise it and say it to each other just a few weeks before she had to leave… That’s what has just happened.

Whatever… I’m vacinated, but it hurts anyway.