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I’m cursed: the bests friends I’ve had in life have endep up by dying 😕 (well, only a couple of them), or moving to somewhere else (quite a bunch have done it)… Or they have been living far away from me since the beginning. Of course, everybody has the right to die in peace and to move away if they want to, but it’s quite annoying for me. Yeah, call me selfish, but’s it’s really annoying and deppressing and makes me suffer a lot.

There. I’ve said it.

My icy heart melts from time to time too.

R. is going to spend a whole academic year in Kansas, and I’m afraid I will be stuck for another year here watching another friend leaving me (yeah, from my point of view that’s how it feels). I knew it, I’ve always known that I could be great friends with R., and I also knew we would finally realise it and say it to each other just a few weeks before she had to leave… That’s what has just happened.

Whatever… I’m vacinated, but it hurts anyway.

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  1. ¿Sabes? Una vez vi una película donde se decía la siguiente frase: “Los amigos entran y salen de nuestra vida como camareros en un restaurante”
    No sé,pero si lo piensas bien y repasas tu propia vida la frase tiene algo de razón.
    Jode mucho cuando amigos de toda la vida se van de tu lado.Pero luego llegan otros amigos.Como una especie de círculo,vamos.
    Aunque no quiero ni pensar que me pueda quedar sin alguna de mis mejores amigas…

    Pero un año pasa pronto ¿no? Una buena amistad no se rompe por estar unos meses sin verse 😉
    Venga,un abrazo lleno de ánimo 🙂

  2. Oh, damn…and I thought I was the only one. My situation is a bit different though…people leave me because someone else is more interesting than me…and that happens all the time:(:(:(:(

  3. Oops…of course, that doesn’t mean that I was complaining without having understood you. I just wanted to point out that it’s a similar problem:(

  4. Are you sure that they leave you because you are “less interesting” than other one?!? I think they leave you because they are plain idiots :tongue: What a shame for them… Thanks for your simpathy anyway. And I will never leave you, in case you were wondering. I am a bit absent-minded, but I could never *leave* you 😉 .

    It’s hard for me realising how sad I can get for the kind of things I’ve wrote about in this entry, but oh well… Thanks Patán & Iva for leaving comments on this. o:)

  5. Here I am back from Hungary… And the first thing I see is Callítoe that sad… I’m so sorry for you because I’m in the same situation… My best friend will spend the whole next year in Spain… That’s terrible because she’s THE one to who I can talk about everything. Omg – let’s found a club… club of abandoned peoples… “Hello, my name is Thilo and I’m left.” “Hello Thilo” nice idea or? 🙂 Cheer up… yours Thilo

  6. Gosh! Yeah, we should found a club! And our hymn would be that Roumanian song that is becoming so popular in Europe in general: “Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma nu ma iei Nu ma nu ma iei nu ma nu ma nu ma
    iei” :dance: “You want to leave but you don’t take me with you” :doh:
    (Who was the one who said you have to sing in English to triumph ;))
    Well, I guess we will all survive, but I’m so fed up with that funny issue of my life :sleep:
    Whatever. Danke shön for cheering me up 😎 .
    How was Hungary? Everybody says it’s very beautiful. I must go there as soon as I have the opportunity 😎 .

  7. Hungary was “bitter/sweet”… To see my aunt and my cousins and so on was wonderful, but to see the poor people who aren’t able to buy fresh vegetables and we sood there buing food for so much money… to see their view omg it was really terrible. The hangovers of the Soviet Union are so obvious… it was like visiting the DDR before 1989. I am really shocked and it’s so worse to handle this unfairness… Why am I born in West Germany… Why am I not born in Africa or in a poor hungarian family? This was in Eger a Province Town in Hungary… In Buddapest there weren’t that much differences between this
    town and any other big town in Europe. But I will never forget the mood in this little poor village. I’m anxious to your experieces in Warsaw!
    I’ve never heart about this Roumanian song… but I will keep my eyes peeled for it!

  8. Thanks for telling me about Hungary: my sister said the same. I’ve been three times to Poland and I’ve seen it richer from one year to another. I think it’s the most developed country of those which belonged to the Soviet area. Anyway, now it’s not so sure that I will go there next year 🙁

  9. :dance: Hey I want to join the club! Here in Trieste girls seem to live only to look for a boyfriend and when they have one, they dedicate their whole time to him…It’s so disgusting 😯 …And I am alone especially on holidays 😥
    But I don’t think it’s a smart thing to look for a boyfriend just to have company :snooty:
    I also felt like you-let’s say ‘abandoned’-Several times…And maybe it will happen again…you know, when friends move to somewhere abroad….It makes me feel so blue everytime 😥 Am I too selfish?
    Ok. Wrote too much :shh:
    I missed you, I haven’t been here for a long time! Baci

  10. You’re not selfish, Calítoe! You’re just confirming the bond between you and your friends and what they mean to you. I’m sorry to hear about the pain…I really feel for you!
    I have one question that you don’t have to answer if you dont want to, but you mentioned the “right to die in peace” – has any of your friends commited suicide? I was just wondering…

    As far as the “distance problem” goes, you remember the friend in Australia I’ve mentioned every once in a while? Well, she returned a couple of weeks ago and it actually was the trip that made us bond even closer. We frequently exchanged emails and everything and after all the distance wasn’t a real obstacle, because we knew it wouldn’t be like that for good. Just think about the return when you feel sad about your friend leaving to Kansas!! :wall:

  11. Danke shön Frauke & gracie mille Francesca for your support: yeah, I know all that, that’s why I always manage to never get really deppressed, but sometimes I get sick of the idea of being known as “that girl that is always on her own”. Francesca, I totally share your views about the *boyfriend* stuff (in my area those views are rather weird, unfortunately :/). I don’t usually get lonely because I’ve got most of my friends (including you ;)) somewhat near me through the Net, the sms and so on, but, as you know, from time to time is quite a pain 😛
    Anyway, I feel so glad for you! It’s sooo great when you go on a trip with someone you really appreciate 😀
    Yup, I’m much better now… And no, none of my friends committed suicide, I know some people who did, but I would never support suicide as one of the ways of “dying in peace”, I support euthanasy, and even though I understand why sometimes some people think about doing it (I think a lot of children and teenagers can’t help thinking over the idea :???:), I think it’s not an act of bravery at all… In fact, I consider it quite selfish, but you can never judge :think:.

    What I was thinking about when I said that about dying in peace was my grandmother, who was the person I admired most in my childhood. She was a widow at the age of 54 and suffered from cancer since she was 52 until her death in 64. I wanted her to stay with us (me!), but she would have to suffer to much… There is also one friend of my early childhood, who died when I was 5 but everybody made me believe he had just moved to another province, and when I found out the truth when I was 8, I got not only sad, but angry with those who deceited me. And there is also my dog Tosco (laugh if you want to 😛 but I’m serious!): he died in 1994 when I was 15 and for 10 years I had considered him among by best friends in life.

    Hey! I’m telling you my life!! lol I’ve made it sound really tragic, but I’m very aware I am a lucky person… I guess.

    (By the way, Frauke, when is your site back? I can host your domain if you want to!)

  12. Let’s start a discussion about suicide (we’re like the students in 1968 haha)… I think everybody has the right to die when he/she thinks that it’s the right moment to do it! Sometimes people are in a situation of witch there’s no way out. And they aren’t selfish! I think they are very courageous.

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