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ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. 🙂

Funny: “todo” (as many people like to spell it in their “to do” lists) means “everything” in Spanish…

Well, I’ll put in here what I have to do for next week. I know: you don’t give a damn, but it helps me to keep my life somewhat organised :P.

Anyway, before going further with that “todo” thing I must mention that I loved the Serbian song, and not only because Iva is Serbian: I really like that ethnic music and the meaningful lyrics (sigh!)… On the other hand, I also find the Ukranian song -the winning one-… nice too =) It’s cheering, but the lyrics are pretty stupid: she’d better keep saying shibishibida instead of the rest, but oh well. Anyway, I thought Malta was going to win: their song was quite “interesting”, I mean it! And I find the Dutch song beautiful. But the best song for me, as I’ve said, was by far the one sung by Zeljko Joksimovic. And I loved how all former Yugoslavian Republics agreed on that too. All the same, the very very best of the Festival were the organization of the festival (congrats Turkey: stop playing the hypocrite with some civil rights and it will be a pleasure having you in the UE… Once more: no offense intented, really) and… The Slovenian conductor! 8-). He was so fun… I think I got a crush on him :luv: [Calítoe goes and tries to find his name in Google :geeked:] (I’m sure he’s a know-it-all, a smug, a conceited and all that, but hey: he looks good for a couple of minutes dream!). [EDIT] His name is Peter Poles (thanks Ajda! ;))[/EDIT]

No comments on “our” song: we don’t need more Ricky Martins in the world.

Well, I guess that you Europeans know what I am talking about, but if you are not from Europe and have no clue about what all this Serbia and Ukrania thing is about, don’t worry, you wouldn’t understand it anyway (and no offense intented, really). Spain gave the maximum score to Germany, and that reminds me that I wish Frauke come back soon… And hallo Thilo! (I do hope you were joking when you insinuated that you didn’t know where Ukrania is! ;))

Ha, and Norway got only 3 points… They were the first ones in spoiling the fun, and that has a name: PSEUDOENGLISH. Yeah, I know the Norwegian guy was not the worst when it came to sing in English, but he was the first one tonight… What I’m trying to say is:


Sorry, I had to say it… Serious.

So, let’s get to the point of this post: this is my (glups!) “to do” list on Earthly Life:

-Domingo 12.30: ir a casa de Isabel a tomarme medidas para el chaleco del concurso.
-Recordarle al resto que tienen que hacer lo mismo.
-Quedar con Sil. para repasar Sintaxis (y Latín, por mucho que quiera escaquearse).
-Lunes 12.30: ensayo para el concurso. Llevar a las músicas. Acordar cómo vamos a ir a Vilagarcía. TIT. Recordarle a mamá que averigüe eso que quiero que averigüe en Hacienda.
-Martes: TIT. Ensayo de teatro: llevar música y traje. Preguntarle a mamá si averiguó eso que le pedí que averiguase en Hacienda.
-Miércoles: enviarle algo decente del TIT a mi tutor. Mamá se va a Italia: hacerle la pelota y desearle buen viaje.
-Jueves: enviarles a todos la cartita certificada que dice que tenemos reunión el domingo después del concurso en el pabellón del colegio a las 20 horas.
-Darle la paliza a mi prima B. para que venga a tocar la pandereta al concurso.
-Viernes: animar a Anxo y a Susana en la paridita esa de la TVG, porque realmente Xoldra se merecen lo mejor que les pueda pasar.
-Sábado a las 11: ensayo.
-Sábado a las 17: ensayo.
-Domingo: concurso.
-Lunes: TIT, TIT & TIT. Quedar con Br. (otro alumno, si a alguien le interesa saberlo).
-Martes: ir a hablar con Tomás (el “tutor” del que hablé arriba) 😕
-Y ya está bien por ahora.

I’d better leave it here and not think about it for a couple of hours :violin:…

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  1. I can’t agree with you. For example Austria sang in German and they got 20 (?) Points or less. The votes yesterday were so unfair! All the people didn’t vote the nicest song, they just have shown with wich country they have the best relationships… so the balticum voted for the balticum, Austria, France, Spain and Portugal voted for Germany and all the eastern states voted for rusia, ukraine and so on. This is really a pitty because there are much more eastern states than western states and therefore in the following years only the eastern states will win. Germany had such a great song and Max was REALLY one of the best singers in the contest and – we came on the eight place. It was really annoying and was only a political result. But what have the wetern states done to the eastern ones? Hey – just because of having the capitalism a bit longer or what!???? We are the ones who are helping you and we are the ones who are giving you the money to improve your situation in the world. I’m really offended!

  2. Hey Thilo, we all know ESC is not a song contest at all =) What I was trying to say is that I find it stupid trying to sing in English because you are not going to get more points for that and, besides, in some cases you can’t even recognise if that’s English or what 😛
    Don’t take ESC too seriously: it’s been the same story since 1956, but it’s so fun for me 😀 I only dislike that language issue.

  3. Pero por desgracia it’s the case, that if you are singing in English you get stria who woue got much more points if they sang in English – wouldn’t they? Or Nicole who sang for years ago… she did a very kitschy song called “Wer Liebe lebt” – who lives the love… and came on one of the last places. If she had sang it in English she had been place no. 10 or 12….

  4. My Internet is so fuckn bad… there left some sentences 🙂
    Pero por desgracia it’s the case, that if you are singing in English you get much more credits… For example
    Austria who sang in German would have got much more points if they sang in English – wouldn’t they? Or Nicole who sang four years ago… she did a very kitschy song called “Wer Liebe lebt” – who lives the love… and came on one of the last places. If she had sang it in English she had been place no. 10 or 12…

  5. I think that half of the Slovenian teenagers have a crush on Peter Poles, so… you’re not the only one at all 🙂 In fact, he has a very nice character, he jokes around a lot 😛
    Anyway, I voted for Albania and Cyprus. There weren’t a lot of good songs, but hey, it was fun! :dance: in the discoooo… 😛 That was too funny.

  6. lol, thanks Ajda 😉
    Anyway, Thilo: I can assure that Spanish people don’t mind at all if the song is in English or not: most Spaniards have a handicap when it comes to learn English, it is scientifically proved! 😛

  7. But isn’t English something like the “lingua franca”? If you want to, (and if your English isn’t as bad as mine 🙂 ) you can understand every sond that’s written in English. But if you want to understand a song wich is sang in Russian or German etc. you have to find a translation. Therefore I think, singing in English is nothing bad at all.

  8. Hey, we are having an interesting debate in here! 😀

    Well, I hate saying this, but I have been told that my English is really good, but that’s not the point: I like multiculturalism, and doing the effort in trying to find a translation and learn how languages in Europe sound. Besides, sometimes it is better to not understand the lyrics. THE UKRANIAN SONG LYRICS WERE PATHETIC!! (That doesn’t mean I disliked the song: I did like it, but still, the lyrics are pathetic =)). On the other hand, I’ve heard the opinion of English native speakers, and they also like hearing other languages in ESC; and not only that: they are a bit fed up of hearing something that sounds like English but who knows what is that. I don’t really think that singing in English improves your ranking.

    If we had to chose a lingua franca in Europe that would have to be German: it’s the language with more native speakers in Europe :).

  9. German was in debate to be the “lingua franca” when English was chosen to be the “world-language”… but because of our past I really understand that we weren’t elected. But when I think that that much people would talk German like people are talking English… It would be amaizing… But I think that English ist really simple to learn… There aren’t differences between masculinum and femininum and so on. No hay ella y ello y no hay el subjuntivo o 20 otras tiempos grrr 🙂 . And how I have heard, German is really hard to learn.But I agree with you – if all the singers in the ESC would sing in their native language – it would be great!!!! Really. But they don’t. Why is this no rule to take part???? It would be so interesting to hear all the other languages in the songs. But hey… Max sang one verse in Turkish 🙂 German would have been nice too but hey… I think that about 10 % of the German Population are Turkish 🙂

  10. Calítoe’s last statement makes me think of some very early musical crime of David Hasselhoff! A long time ago someone thought it was a brilliant idea to make him sing in German :mrgreen: and he didn’t even know what he was singing. They wrote down the lyrics in English words that just sounded very much like the German ones! Although the lyrics made perfect sense, it was “slightly” odd listening to! Gives me an idea about how e.g. Max’ singing must sound to English native speakers.

    In my opinion just a very small group of songwriters has the ability to write really good German lyrics, but that is just my personal taste. Stefan Raab (writer and producer of Max’ song) was asked why he didn’t compose a German song and he said he had tried, but it wouldn’t work. Apparently it was easier to translate it into Turkish! 😉
    Just my two cents about songwriting
    skills here…

    But in general I really agree with Calítoe on this one! Everyone has their mother tongue, why not use it? I mean, no language is neutral enough to be a lingua franca (apart from Esperanto), because they all carry millenia (at least centuries) of historical baggage around, they are constantly undergoing changes and they always influence your view of the world (I really do believe that, though I cannot come up with an example right now, naturally). Only in your mother tongue you have complete control over what to express, it’s the most “natural” thing. But anyway.

    I didn’t watch the contest, but I know the German song and I thought it was a bit too “straight”. The singing is breathtaking, but the composition itself is mediocre. Everyone relied too much on Max’ “averageness” and thought he would make the difference. Such is life.

  11. As for the “English over German” debate in the American colonies: I think this is a widespread rumour. It goes back to some town in Pennsylvania (if I’m not wrong) where only German settlers lived and they tried to make German the official language of that town, but it was decided against. I’ll try to find a source.

  12. I’ve never had so many comments! As I’ve said before, I like this debate =)
    Frauke, I think you are talking about this: http://www.usembassy.de/usa/germanamericans-language.htm
    The truth is that the USA has no general official languages. But they fear others so much -specially Spanish 8-)- that some states -like California- have declared English as their official language, but I think those laws are unconstitutional or something like that.
    More info here: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/JWCRAWFORD/question.htm

  13. Agradable debate 😎 Lástima que sea una inculta en el tema y no pueda participar :snooty:
    En fin,que te deseo una buena semana y que consigas hacer satisfactoriamente todos tus “to do” 😉

  14. Peter is amazingly cute…and the way he gave us 12 points was something special. I adore Slovenians and I adore Slovenia. That’s the only place on Earth where I can feel like I am safe, like no one is going to do anything bad to me. :luv: :luv: :luv:

    And I don’t agree with Thilo. Zeljko sung in native language and he was second. If the 12 semi-finalists hadn’t voted, he would have won. English is a very nice language, very easy to learn, yet people should keep their indentity in contests such as Eurovision….because, well, every singer/band is/are representing their country. The Greek guy was like Justin Timberlake, for example and 4 guys from different countries were like BSB. That’s just not native, not European and not good.

    And don’t kill me, I actually liked Michelle’s song more than Max’s. Kitch is better than 50s style static presentation.

    It’s also very rude to split the world into “eastern” and “western”, methinks.

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