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We didn’t win…
We are not contests and competition geeks, but altough I was prepared to not win, I really -sort of- needed to win, thats why I’m feeling a bit low. And sorry about saying this, but we really deserved to win. I think most of my partners -if not all- felt in a similar way about this contest: it’s not the most important one, or special for us or anything but… For some reason, we all hoped to win this time: we all knew we would need more time to prepare this contest, but we were really hopeful. We did it our best -not perfect, of course :geeked:, but perfection is boring ;). We were the most cheerful ones and we didn’t have great errors, but… WE LOST.
Anyway, the main reason that made us LOSE -yeah, “lose”: we got disqualificated :(- is somewhat comforting, because it means that it wasn’t *our* fault, but the circoumstances’… We got disqualificated because our dance was too long :P: over 6 minutes, so…

Well, I could keep talking about this, but I guess you won’t understand what’s so exciting about it, and I really understand that you are not interested in it: it is much better to just see the dances 😉 Besides, I’m rather tired… And now that I’ll have to face one of the most stressing weeks of the year, I’m feeling that my stoicism has gone somewhere, and I need it back :neutral:. So I’d better stop writing for now.

Whatever. I wish you a nice week.
And yeah: there are more contests in which there is no time limit =)

25th May 13:22: I’m relieved 😀 So much, that I feel almost happy :dance:.
Nothing really interesting: Faculty stuff, but it is important for me 😛
Hope you are fine too ;).

5 Comments on TOO MUCH TIME

  1. What? Disqualified? :mad2:
    Oh poo. I’m sorry for you guys. It’s always miserable to lose but now that you all felt you did good…Even worse.

    But y’all keep your tails up. You’ll have your moment. o:)

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