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Eurocup 1 – Europarliament 0

lol. No, not really, but almost ;).
I am a “Europtimistic”, and I don’t think that the high level of abstention is caused by a high level of discontent about the EU (I guess that the main cause of discontent is that we are all screwed up by the huge increase of prices since the Euro € turned up), but by a high level of BOREDOM :tongue:.

Yep: most part of voters don’t have a clue about the functions of the Euro Parliament, and those of us who had a little idea about it find it pretty stupid the fact of voting for such a Parliament.

I reckon that most voters like to have the idea of someone or something more or less defined to vote for or to vote against, but the truth is that the Euro Parliament main funcion is approving or disaproving what the Council of Ministers has decided, and most voters (ahem, I’m afraid all of us) think “who cares?” when it is a Sunday in June and you are in the beach and/or enjoying the Eurocup :P.

I believe in the European Union (wow!), but it would be nice if elections where more interesting for voters and candidates cared for explaining people what the %&%$ we are voting for instead of just blaming each other about the bl**dy war :dead:.

If you wanted to know, I went to vote because I always go to vote, the place where I have to vote is near my house and because I am in platonic love with one of the Spanish candidates… Well, forget the last phrase :geeked:, but I’m still thinking that if they want us to participate, they should COUNT ON US too.

Have a nice week =).

6 Comments on 13th June

  1. Ya ves si ha habido abstención. A la gente le da pereza votar en la europeas, yo creo que a los españoles como que les importa bien poco estas elecciones. Y a mi parecer, los dos candidatos han hecho una campaña pésima. Reproches y más reproches y guerra y blah blah… La gente no se siente identificada. Y si a eso le sumamos el calor y fútbol, se hace muy difícil el salir a votar. Yo casi tengo que llevar arrastrando a mis padres – y eso que también vivimos al lado del cole –
    ¿Te gusta Borrel? XD Yo lo encuentro sexy 🙂 Pero mi radar me dice que es gay. Mi madre lo conoció en Lorca y le pareció muy simpático y guapo.

    Agh, me voy a estudiar. Te digo mi fecha de exámenes para que esos días me tengas mucha pena y me hagas un conjuro de esos gallegos para que apruebe: días 22, 25, 29 y 2 de julio. Clínica I, Administración, Comunitaria II y RR.HH. Joder, me van a quedar todas…
    Uff, me voy. Chao.

  2. Hehe I am a little absent minded…I was not sure that I read about the UE FL in your page *LOL* The next time I will update my personal page I’ll join your FL :luv: Have a nice day!

  3. When I clicked on ‘Slovenia’, I was like aww, that’s so cute of you 😛
    Anyway, ‘The fanlisting of the European Union’ would be ‘Fanlisting Europske Unije’ in Slovenian 🙂

  4. Whooops… I just noticed that you translated it right, I was just looking at the Slovakian version where you mispelled the name of the language – it’s ‘Slovaščina’, not ‘Slovenčina’ 😉

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