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Hi there,
I’ve got a major update of sites programmed for the 1st of September, but in the meanwhile I leave here just for you a bunch of ramblings about my Earthly life:

Fortunately, the weather was pretty good and the performance we had scheduled for yesterday was a success. We took several pictures of the youngest members of the group with the musicians, and you can take a look at them here (I am in the pictures too in spite of me being a dancer in the “oldest” members group because I am a musician and the president :)). The ones who were bitching the other day about last performance cancellation shut their mouth and didn’t spoke to me, so everything went ok :geeked:.

But everything went to hell when in the evening my mother yelled at me: she and my sister had been treating me as if I am abnormal or something since the beginning of the summer, and it’s ok with me if that’s their opinion, but I hate being yelled at in general, specially for stupid things… So I had to yell my mother back :mad2:. I didn’t want to, but I had to defend my dignity; now she has stopped annoying me, but what annoys me most is that I had to become an animal in order to defend I am a person… My father also believes I am abnormal, and he annoys me quite a lot too, but at least he shouts with less frequency, and not directly at me… Blah.

My godmother (my auntie), who always comes to visit us in summer, is the one under the same ceiling as me whom I can comunicate with as human beings. Anyway, she is leaving on Wednesday… I would like then to run away to Santiago and stay there from Wednesday to Friday to hang out with JK. But hanging out with JK is not a reason I want to mention to my family to let me go, and “because I want to” won’t be a valid reason for them, even though I am 25… I’ll have to make something up. But then I wander: do I really want to hang out with JK? Or worse: does he really want to hang out whith me now that I am open to show that I do like to hang out with him? Or even worse: “why” is it that when I thought of Santiago to run away was only because I knew that JK would be there? :dead:. When I think about our surrealist relationship I never know if I want to cry or rather laugh a lot…

And I’d rather stop thinking about my crap, it makes me feel sorry about myself and I hate self-pity.

Oh! Incidentally, the Poland thing is going smoothly, and I am printing my thesis :mrgreen:.
And thank heavens there are gymnastics finals today and tomorrow…

Life is a shit sometimes in order to make you enjoy it better when something good happens ;).

More ramblings coming soon :geeked:.

10 Comments on HI THERE

  1. Oh! ¿Qué ha pasado con Madonna? ¡¡El verde me está dejando ciega!! :P
    Bueno, la familia es así (voz de Brando en el Padrino :p)
    P,D: bonitos trajes :)

  2. El blog aparece siempre tanto en mi sitio personal como en este verde :mrgreen:. Y lo siento de veras, pero me temo que la próxima versión te gustará aún menos que este color, pero es mi sitio y pongo las cosas que me gustan… No te preocupes, la próxima vez que lo cambie intentaré que aparezca algo que también te guste a ti… O al menos que no te disguste ;-) .

  3. Aw, I can completely relate to the whole parent thing. But then again when you’re my age this kind of thing happens every day :tongue: I hope the rest of your summer turns out well =) I go back to school next week :dead: Can you believe british schools only get 6 weeks vacation?

  4. That’s too short actually… But in Spain there are no long winter or spring vacations, just a few days, so Spanish children have everything in summer, which is great, but a bit tiring for the rest of the year…
    Sorry that summer is over for you, but hope you have a great academic year :-D It is possible to have fun at school: difficult, but possible :smh: .

  5. Haha, I hope you’re right! I have my sats this year though so I’ll be spending alot of the time studying this year..which is one of the things i’m not looking forward to :mrgreen:

  6. Hi sweetie! A new layout is on the way?
    About your parents….I’m one year older than you, but my folks are aven worst than yours :doh: I think I have to fight with them but I hate wars :think:
    By the way, congratulations for the performance, I wish I was there to see it :luv:
    Have a nice day

  7. Yep, I hope I will be able to upload the new version by the 1st of September… If you use stats on your site you might be able to see it already ;-) .
    And thanks a lot for your sympathy… Oh, and I’m the same age as you, but I’m not 26 yet because I was born in November 8-). Glorious year, that of 1978 :mrgreen:.

  8. haha io ho 25 anni…Fino al 13 ottobre :mrgreen: Grazie per la visita al mio blog e per i commenti :luv:
    Aspetto con ansia la nuova versione del tuo sito…Scusami, mi dimentico sempre di scrivere in italiano :whistle:
    baci baci
    PS Devo leggere quel libro di Arturo Pérez Reverte. La prima parte del film mi è piaciuta tantissimo…Invece, la seconda parte e soprattutto la fine… :naughty:

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