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My sister and two friends are here in Poland with me. They came on an 8 hour delayed plain on Sunday, more precisely in the last flight of Air Polonia from Madrid to Warsaw before they got into bankrupt :dead:.

We managed to spend quite a nice day in Warsaw on Sunday in spite that all the three girls got mad on several occasions, but what it was really annoying was when my sister and her friend started bitching at me about my (a)sexuality, my job, my relationships, my nutrition, my everything… It may be that I am extremely sensitive these days, but that annoyed me a lot, and if we take into account that they did that on several occasions from Sunday till yesterday, it’s little wonder that I am in quite a bad mood… I would send them to hell, but that would be behaving like them, and I am not like that.

The most annoying thing is the fact of realising that all their crap annoys me so much. Blah! :mad2:.

Changing the topic: I have just had (less than an hour ago) the oral paper for the Cambridge Advanced Certificate (I’m doing it just for fun, because I got bored in September and I signed up for it :P); the boy I did the exam with was sooo bad at English. I regret to say it, but it was the truth. I tried to not interrupt him with all my soul, but I had to say some agreement words and stuff like that twice because he had a tendency to get stuck in the middle of his phrases… People is really brave here: it’s the ADVANCED, how do they dare? Maybe I am too prudent: I’ve been told that I should try the Proficiency one in spite of my occasional spelling mistakes and some Grammar extravaganzas :geeked:.

Whatever. I’m not a Certificate obsessed, as quite a lot of people in Poland seem to be.

I’ve got loads of stuff to do, but I really need some sleep first, otherwise I’ll kill my sister and her friend (the other girl is a friend of MINE) as soon as I see them again this morning.

Oh, übringens: f*ck*ng be the bl**dy f*ck*ng spam.

Have fun.

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  1. You should have mentioned your CAE plans, I could have sent you the overpriced self-study book I have no use for any longer. Frankly, I did really bad in the oral examination because of the bloody excitement. I could never stand in front of a class like you do… that’s horror for me. Anyway, the writing and listening part “saved my ass”, if I may use this germanism.

    Talking about the episode with your sister, I really know what
    you must feel like, one of my brothers used to be like that when I was younger… sometimes he still is.
    Being the plump little sister he always gives me shit when I stand in the kitchen and have something small to eat. I’m always tempted to start rambling about his excessive smoking, but then this would be a complete waste of energy… :shh:

    By the way: I love your excessive use of the word übrigens o:) …have you secretly picked up your studies in German again? ❓

  2. Hi Frauke,
    I AM THE ELDEST SISTER but she doesn’t seem to care… In fact the one who annoyed me most was my sister’s friend: I can send my sister to hell if I want to, but I don’t know my sister’s friend as much as that… She doesn’t know me THAT MUCH either :snooty:.
    Who cares, I got over it anyway… I think…

    About übrigens: I love German, and as it’s one of the 4 words I remember, I try to use it whenever possible 8-). I’m planning to work in Germany the next academic year, I’d really like to, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing bad in Poland, I’m really enjoying my staying here a lot.

    Oh, and I hope I will pass the CAE: on one hand I know I can, but I haven’t prepared it, so I guess I don’t “deserve” it… In fact it wouldn’t be a surprise if I screw up the “important” papers… Well, whatever.

    In Spain we say “to say one’s ass” too even before noone knew English or German here, maybe it was introduced during the Roman Empire :mrgreen:.

    I hope that you are enjoying everything round there, including the chorus thing :dance:. Sorry that I haven’t had time to email you as it is due, but I often think about you, you know that =) .

    Gosh! I got so happy when I saw that your comment was not another piece of ·$%dy spam… :tongue:.

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