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I’ve always loved ski-jumping. It’s just an exotic -and quixotic- sport for a Spaniard, even more for a Galician of the coast, where it never snows… But here in Poland, with Adam Małysz as a national hero and after seeing him everywhere my enthousiasm for this sport is growing more and more every day… The first and last time I put on a pair of skis was more than 10 years ago in Andorra, where I went to ski for a week, but still, I know that I could do it. I must say that I wasn’t bad at all in just skiing, but what I’ve always wanted is to jump and fly, that’s why I love doing artistic gymnastics as well.

On the other hand, I want to ski-jumping not only for the sake of it, but also because WHERE ARE THE GIRLS IN THAT SPORT??!! Honestly, with my 26 years of age and my lack of experience I’m pretty sure that I could develop my skills to compete in an average championship, so I suppose any girl could do it too. There used to be no girls in some athletics disciplines until not long ago either, and now it has been proved that girls can achieve great goals in those disciplines too, just as men.

I know that I could do some decent ski-jumping without killing myself :P. Does anyone know where I could do a course or further training?

I’m saying all this on an impulse, but I mean it: I want to do ski-jumping.

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  1. I never liked Adam much. His moustache annoys me. I am a fan of Sven Hannawald. However, my dad is a die-hard Adam fan, so watch out what you’re saying when he’s around.

    The rest of what you have said scares me. You’re too brave.

  2. I just want to fly, who doesn’t :geeked:.
    And Adam’s moustache… Well, it annoys me a bit too, but I find it funny :smh:.
    Oh! And I do support Adam too! Leć, Adam, leć! Daleko, daleko!! :dance:.

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