EN: Warning: This post is over two years old, so it's possible that the views, opinions, links or instructions reflected on it do not correspond with the way I think now or the way things currently work. I have evolved (and so have the World and the Internet), so it might be advisable to just take this entry for a glimpse into the (my) past. :)

ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. :)

Now that I have recovered (partially) from the maternal instint attack I was suffering when I was writing last entry, it’s time for a political stroke :geeked:. Yeah, whatever :P.

A lot of fellow estadounidenses (yep, in Spanish we’ve got a word for people who are from the USA, we use “Americans” for Argentinians as well as for Canadians, for instance) are sympathising the rest of the World because of Bush continuing in the White House for four more years.

I know that the USA is a huge country with a great number of great people living in it. The fact that a few abnormals live there too doesn’t make me think that there are no sensible people round there…

So I find these sites somewhat interesting.


I cannot help feeling a bit offended by the fact of everybody taking for granted that the ruler of the USA is the ruler of the World. Even if that is a painful truth, it doesn’t mean to be that way. I don’t feel that Bush, or any other president of the USA has the right to lead the destiny of my country nor any other country but the USA without the consent of other countries. But I don’t think it is USA government or Bush’s fault, it’s the fault of those countries and people with a strong inferiority complex and senseless enough to let that nerd act on his own.

I’m sure you’ve heard lot’s of time the question “why did everybody let Hitler do what he did?” As you can see, it happen nowadays too :dead:.