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Should I say something about JP II’s death?
I’ve already stated my views somewhere round there and anyway I’m sure I haven’t said anything that haven’t been said. All the sime, here’s what I posted in TFL boards in case someone want to judge me on the words I wrote on this issue:

I am currently in Poland, and as a foreigner in here I can see they hold the Pope as a hero as Mick Jagger is for others. With all my respect, isn’t that a bit of idolatry? Maybe it is just the idiosincrasy of these people.
Oh, well, I’d better shut my mouth because the next Pope could be a Spaniard, even a Galician like me (cardenal Rouco Varela) and I don’t know if I could stand such a rush of idolatry in my own country, I’ve noticed that Polish and Galician (Galicia-Spain) people are not so different in many aspects 😛

Anyway, I’d like to comment something related to the relationship Karol Wojtyła had with his home land: if they loved him so much, as I have seen here, why is it that Polish government supported the Iraq War and then Poles didn’t clearly opposed to that having the Pope expressed his opposition to that military action? It was one of the few things in which I agreed with him, but it seemed to be one of the few things Poles didn’t or at least didn’t care too much about…

I recognise again his importance in history, he was elected the year I was born and as a “technical” catholic I’ve followed his evolution. He was the chief of a state, one of the most important states in the World in spite of being the tiniest, and he was definitely one of the most important ones in these state history, but honestly, I don’t find him more decisive/interesting/respectful than some other men and women round there.

I do know that Poles are not so pleased with the government, but as far as I have seen they don’t shout enough. I would help them if I hadn’t a sore throught right now… Ok, stupid remark, but it is true that I can barely speak right now. I’ve got a hoarse, the first one in ages :(.

That’s all so far…
And I hope I’ll find the time to make the revamp I want to do…

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