EN: Warning: This post is over two years old, so it's possible that the views, opinions, links or instructions reflected on it do not correspond with the way I think now or the way things currently work. I have evolved (and so have the World and the Internet), so it might be advisable to just take this entry for a glimpse into the (my) past. :)

ES: Atención: Este artículo tiene más de dos años de antigüedad, de modo que los puntos de vista, opiniones e instrucciones que se vierten en él pueden no corresponder con cómo pienso ahora o cómo funcionan las cosas en la actualidad. He evolucionado (y también lo han hecho el mundo e Internet), así que probablemente lo más recomendable sería entender esta entrada como un simple reflejo del (de mi) pasado. :)

After all the problems I had with my computer for several weeks, it seems that we have finally solved our differences :smh: and that I managed to tame it :cool:.

Now I am able to have it on not only for more than 5 minutes, but for hours, as it used to be in the best period of our relationship :smile:.

Soooo, here are the first results of our reconciliation:

Alfonse Mucha fanlisting (Valid XHTML1.1 and CSS)

My Summer of Love fanlisting (Valid XHTML1.1 and CSS)

They turned out to be pretty pinkish, but I’m really proud of the results :luv:. I would love you to visit them and, of course, to join them if you like the topics.

I’ll be home alone tomorrow, as well as next week from Wednesday on, but I guess I will be able to go out with some new acquaintances I’ve made :smile:

In fact, I’m feeling quite hopeful lately even though my future is more uncertain than ever. Life is ironic, I guess. Or it is just that the Spanish national football team has win an important match at last :geeked: and that I depend on football results to make my life have a sense, as it usually happens to the average Spaniard :dead:. They will screw it up in the crucial moment, but oh well…

Y felicidades, Rafa.