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You know what?
I enjoyed the 6th book a lot. I’ve read round there reviews from apparently very dissapointed people, but I personally found everything in the plot perfectly logical, understandable and… Fine.

And you know what else?
I love Snape. I always have and I always will, and in the 7th book you will see why I am saying this :smh:.

It was sad to not seeing much of the Weasley twins in this one, but it was Luna instead :geeked:. And I loved Dumbledore’s sentences and, in general, how the character of Dumbledore is pictured in this book, as well as Snape’s, Draco’s and Tom Riddle-Voldemort’s or howeveryoucallhim.

Yep, I liked it quite a lot :cool:.

And I’d better stop here :shh:.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about Snape and I can’t wait to see how everything turns out in the 7th book (especially regarding Severus). The only problem is it’s a two year long wait.

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