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The Eurovision Song Contest is one of those things that I always swear I will never follow again and then… I think I really like getting depressed with all its tackiness, sluttiness, broken English and the stupid voting system.
Besides, the Eastern block has conquered the Festival and, as a West-End girl, well, I’m not pleased, even though I might like East-End guys a lot :violin: . But I keep torturing myself with all that Eurovision crap and sort of enjoying it.

What I liked from last year’s edition was that the winning song wasn’t performed by a semi-naked slut girl and had some kind of, let’s say, originality. And a good colleague of mine who is also a Eurofan is a Finnish, so I got glad for him.

The great thing of the winning song of this year is that is from… SERBIA 😀
They really deserve some attention. Besides, the song is quite nice, SUNG IN A NATURAL LANGUAGE and not sung by a semi-naked woman either (actually the woman looks like an Earthly woman, hard to see lately on TV). I don’t really mind naked women round there, but it’s a bit annoying when it’s obvious that people are only voting that.

I also liked that the “mis en scène” of the Serbian song is very LESBIAN, how is it that noone mentions it “comme il faut”?

As far as the Spanish song is concerned, I’m pretty happy with the performance of our guys taking into consideration that the song was one of the crappiest I’ve heard in all my life and the guys are the typical “NKOTB” wannabes. They made the most out of the material they had, so great for them.

Some of my favourite this year include Ukraine, Ireland and Bulgaria. Totally different from each other, but I liked them a lot.

And my favourite, Romania, even though it was not as successful as it deserved, it is still being my favourite this year. :luv:

4 Comments on Glad for Serbia – Fed up with Eurovision

  1. Lo de la puesta en escena lésbica saltaba a la vista. No eres la única que se ha dado cuenta… La cantante parecía más hombre que Miguel Bosé (que Miguel Bosé en Tacones lejanos). Interesante.

  2. Y no respondo en inglés porque no me da la real gana. Ya estoy harta de que el inglés lo ocupe todo (¿te acuerdas de las recepcionistas de Luxemburgo?) :mrgreen: No me hagas caso: la gripe y la fiebre me hacen decir estas cosas :whistle:

  3. Qué bueno lo de Esteso :geeked:

    Me parece muy bien que respondas en español de España: es la lengua que la bitacorera y la ilustre comentarista tienen en común, hubiera sido una tontería no usarla. Ya hay demasiados “supercool wannabes” por ahí pululando y hay que contrarrestar 😉

    ¡Que te mejores!

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