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It’s been 11 days already…

I was waiting to have a flat in the Paris region to post something about my “new life”, and now that I *almost* have it, here I am.

Blizzard EntertainmentAs some of you already know (and as most of you ignored), I got chosen by Blizzard Entertainment to become one of their Spanish web editors. I’ve been working near Paris for them for two weeks now and I’m getting used to it pretty quickly. I specially like my German colleagues, with which I seem to have more in common than with my fellow compatriots. Anyway, it’s a pity that I have to stay so many hours at work, because I would like to have some time to go to museums, chateaux, etc.

VersallesWhat I like here in France is that, even though we mainly speak English at work, I can practise my French skills “comme il faut”. :mrgreen: I can speak French in Luxembourg too, but they mainly use Luxembourgish for colloquial conversations. I miss Luxembourg a bit, now that I mention it, I mean it.

The nasty part here is that my Caesar will stay in Luxembourg at least until November, but I’ve decided to go there every weekend I can. I already have a “carte de voyageur frequant” 😀 It’s a bit expensive “quand míªme” but I consider it an investment on our love story 🙂

I also find it great that the Caesar and I have chosen the game that is paying my salary (World of Warcraft) to gather, play and chat together. :geeked: It set us appart, but it also reunites us.

Palacio de VersallesI will live in Versailles, like Marie Antoinette, next to the Chateau, practically in the gardens, really. If I jump from my window I am almost swimming in one of the Versailles gardens pools. 😛

And this is pretty much it.
I hope you will all have a great summer. I will be working, but I guess I should be happy with it.

4 Comments on Upgrade

  1. How cool is that?? Paris of all places…

    Oh dear… I just blink, sip on my coffee and the next thing I see is that you have moved from Luxembourg to Paris… how could I have missed that? 😳
    I was actually thinking about going there, now that the four month marathon of endless uni and work will finally come to an end in the next 2 weeks.

    How long will you be staying in Paris? :mrgreen:

  2. Contaba con ello, Maje :tongue:

    Frauke: My staying in Paris is “indefinite”, but it will be at least a year. However, as I said, I will go to Luxembourg pretty much every weekend until November. If you visit me, you can visit both places too 🙂

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