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OutonoI’m starting to feel a bit like during my last winter in Poland. The lack of light and keeping a distance relationship are killing me a bit.

I’ve recently started feeling that I share more with my colleagues at work than with my boyfriend, and I find it so sad… He used to be my best friend, and I guess he still is, but now I’m feeling he’s just… my boyfriend. And I don’t like that. Well, yes, it’s great to have a nice boyfriend, but I am sure you understand what I mean. Now he’s the one I see on weekends, like in those stupid sort of relationships that some people have when they are teenagers. When I go to Luxembourg each Saturday, or when he comes to Paris, I already know that the day after we will have to move away from each other, and it’s so mentally tiring…

Even things that I love doing, like jazz dance and gymnastics, are becoming a source of stress. Oh gosh… And I have to call the plumber… But I still have some strength left to kill those that dare to make the retarded joke with the plumber thing, I’m warning you. :violin:

I feel surrounded by stupidity, but I will not talk about the amount of stupidity I sense all around because I guess I would have to start by my own. :dead:

On the other hand, I feel I’m totally integrated at work, even though I still think Spaniards are obviously regarded as the bottom of the pack by almost everybody else.

Estoy “plof”. Ni siquiera el ataque de risa que me provocó el periodista mala uva que contó la historia de Miss Vaca del Alto Egipto ha mejorado la cosa.

I guess it’s only a phase, or just a mere “astenia otoñal” (winter blues in English, I think).

I am so sick of the English language too, but now I cannot seem to be able to speak anything else, not even my own first languages. 🙁


Bare with me for a while, please. I do the same when it happens to you. 😉

Oh well…

9 Comments on Asthenia

  1. No, no, no, no – Spaniards are not the bottom of the pack, just the most eloquent! 😀 Which is a good thing, actually…

    I do know how you feel, though, the dark winters sort of get to me now, being all grown-up (cough)… just think of the nice excuse it gives us to eat all the extra cookies etc. 🙂
    What is Christmas time in Paris like?

  2. Paris looks very nice these days actually. 🙂

    Thanks a lof for your comment, Frauke. Will we ever meet each other in real life to break all the “allure”? 😉

    I’m getting mentally better but physically horrible. x) I’ve got a terrible cold now. 😛

  3. I doubt he wants a McJob…but then, if you want to be together all the time, anything goes.

    I did notice the connection between SAD and sad as well, but I thought about it only after I submitted the answer.

  4. Oh yes…and I want you to come here in near future: we’d go to McDonald’s and eat like pigs, drink a pool of Pepsi Max, go out to some nice places in discovered in the meantime and…many more! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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