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This is so sad… I remember when my parents told me that Spaniards had to go to France to see the film Last Tango in Paris (1973) because in Spain it was censored, and in such a great country like France they were more open minded: the key of their supposed greatness.

Le VIH est toujours lí . Protégez-vous !And now it’s the other way round. In France, this poster -which, in my opinion, is quite sweet and innocent while it deals directly with the matter- has been banned… But why? Are they becoming so USAfied that they are copying even some of the most stupid great ideas that come from the other side of the ocean? Deciding for us in a very evident way what we can see from reality or not as if they were able to modify it just like that and, of course, doing all for the sake of the people? (As I often say, if at least they pretended a bit…) Oh yeah, I love democracy too.

So images of some retarded starlettes making a fool out of themselves every day are not to be banned and we are even compelled to swallow and digest them, but a necessary and less retarded image is?

These things are those that make me wish to go into exile… To another PLANET.

But well, you never know. Those that say that the image has been banned are those that are clearly against Sarkozy. Maybe this poster was just not used because of artistic reasons, because they have a better design with a similar content…. Yes, you never know…

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