Your house: Ravenclaw (I’m an uptight know-it-all at heart).

Your favourite character from the trio: Ron, Hermione and Harry in that order.

Three other favourite characters: The Weasley Twins because they are the very best of the whole series. I cannot believe they were so underepresented in the films. And Professor Snape, because he has his reasons to be so bitter and suffers a lot. I feel really sorry for him.

Least favourite character: Umbridge, of course.

Favourite book: The Order of the Phoenix.

Favourite film: The Prisoner of Azkaban. I think it was very well done as a film. Anyway, I don’t really like Harry Potter films: I had imagined everything a bit differently and I don’t like that they take some important characters for granted.

How you were introduced to the series: I saw the books in the “banned” section of a library in Arizona back in 1999… That was more than enough to grab my attention. ;)

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