Toma nota, Cristinita… Reconozco que yo era así cuando era más joven, pero por favor: tenía 13 años y además los demás se rendían y pasaban de mí enseguida. Ya he cumplido con creces mi penitencia.

6. They make you work for it.

We’ve all had those relationships and friendships where you feel like you’re perpetually on a job interview. You’re constantly vying for their affection and approval, trying to be the person you think they want, because they’re important to you and you want to be around them. An unfortunate reality of life is that there will always be these lame, lame people who get their rocks off — and make no mistake, people do this intentionally — leaving other people hanging. It gives a sense of superiority, of control, of having the upper hand in things. And sometimes, these people can be the most alluring and interesting, and the masochistic part of us will want to win them over somehow, even though we know we should be forgetting about them completely. And whether it’s the ethereal party girl friend who knows everyone or the gorgeous guy with the chest tattoo who won’t meet our parents, we have to understand that we’re better than that — that we deserve someone who reciprocates the effort we put in and makes us feel loved back. Above all else, if someone is making you feel badly about yourself just for existing, you should not be giving them the gift of your company.

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